Buy Lenovo K4 Note on open sale from Amazon


How to buy Lenovo K6 Power on open sale from Flipkart

Lenovo K4 Note is now available for Just Rs.11,999 Rs.10,999. Buy now Lenovo K4 Note on open sale, both Black & White variants available. No Registrations required.

Behold the new Killer #KILLERNOTE. The flagships new note features a 3GB RAM and Fingerprint Sensor.Lenovo has partnered with Skullcandy to launch Lenovo Skullcandy Ando headphones at Rs.1299, take advantage of the Dolby Atmos technology. The Lenovo Vibe K4 Note will be available in both Tuxedo Black and a new color Pearl White starting from February 15th for Rs. 11,999 exclusively on Amazon India. Stocks Limited!!

An All new upgraded version of the Lenovo K Series

Lenovo K6 Power Flipkart Exclusive

ANT VR HeadSet for Lenovo K4 Note

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Buy Lenovo K4 Note for Just Rs.11,999 Rs.10.899* from Amazon India!!
1. Login/Register intoΒ Amazon applicationΒ
2. Visit Lenovo K4 Note page on sale day.
3. Add Lenovo K4 Note to Cart
4. Update Shipping Details
5. Complete Your Order.

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Mobile Accessories

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Specifications:

  • 5.5-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels) display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection
  • 1.3 GHz Octa-core MediaTek MT6753 processor
  • Dual Standby Sim (LTE + GSM)
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory, microSD up to 128GB
  • 13 MP Primary Camera, 5 MP Secondary Camera
  • Powered by DolbyΒ Atmos enabled speakers
  • 4G LTE
  • Android 5.1 (Lollipop) with Vibe UI
  • 3300 mAh lithium-ion battery



  1. Can we buy two Lenovo K4 from the same account? Its written in that Lenovo K4 page that 1 customer can buy 1 phone..
    Please please reply

  2. Thanks Flashsaletricks. I bought two K4 note from two devices (Tablet and Laptop) . First one added faster as blink of eye 2nd one was waitlisted. Tried refreshing many times then got the option to add to cart in 20 minutes. Waiting for phone.
    Once again thank you so much.

  3. Your’s extension done very well, I got my K4 note at 2:01 p.m. on Today’s sale. This is my first and amazing flash sale experience. Thanks a lot.

  4. worked for k4 note today but didnt for le 1s yesterday. anyone from delhi wants k4, contact me.
    thanks flashsaletricks n plz help me to buy le 1s. i missid it in first flash sale.

  5. I am going to try this on today’s flash sale, now lets see it works or not , But thanks for such awesome trick. πŸ˜‰

  6. i am also disappointed as i cant book it today , i also face the same problem suraj face……. within 10 sec it show waitlist is full.

  7. bro ur really awesome… thanks for making good efforts on this days with ur help i have purchased note 3 thnk u very much….. πŸ™‚

  8. is that possible to buy vr glasses separately on Feb 2 flash sale at a deal price of 500 or I have pay 1299..pls reply anyone…?

  9. very very thank you for your wonderfull tricks which are amazing. iam 14 year young boy. I am trying from 19th january and today iam succes in that mobile. hurreyyy…… iam so happy thank you once again

  10. Thank you for this extension! Could easily place the order. My heart was beating and i was so anxious whether it woud work, but guys it did! My phone with the VR headset is scheduled to get delivered on the 3rd or 4th of Feb! Woohoo πŸ˜€

  11. First of all thanks.. I was able to book the phone with your trick without VR. But now Lenovo is holding sale with the bundle offer next week , so What r the chances that I will get the phone if I cancel my order without VR glasses. PLease tell.Should I cancel my existing order?

  12. Had tried without extension on 19th for the VR bundle but could not book. Used the same today and was able to book it without any hassles. Thanks the extension worked smoothly.

  13. Thank You ..the trick worked .I was able to book the phone in a jiffy.
    I just saw that VR bundle offer is again coming next week .Any idea if I can return this one ?and go for that

  14. Today i successfully brought the K4 note in flash sale held on amazon on 20.1.2016,and feeling very happy to this extension. it works smooth and i had to say this is my first experience in flash sale……..waiting for my one

  15. Today i successfully brought the K4 note in flash sale, this extension is works smooth and i had to say this is my first experience in flash sale.

    And thanks for creating this extension πŸ™‚

  16. your both trick i applied and finally successfully place the order . guys both tricks are working . today i logged in1 pm and applied the trick as mentioned above and reffresh every 5 min. and finally it is in cart automatically thank u it rocks

  17. will the script
    setInterval(function(){ jQuery(‘.btn’).trigger(‘click’); console.log(‘Script Activated.. Dont press any key until we add Lenovo K4 Note mobile to your cart.’); },10);
    be same for k4 note with vr bundle

  18. thanks a freaking tonnnn bro…………i was able to buy it in just a flash of a second by your extension…….. You Sir are a Genius…….

  19. Thanks Flashsaletricks ! As mentioned by you I executed the automatic script on Console and was able to book K4 in todays Flash Sale (20 Jan), Next sale is on 27 and seems to be they will keep this sale on every Wed. at 2 pm.

  20. It worked like a charm, thanks guys, its been a long wait, i could have been to this website yesterday, it was my bad i missed the bundle pack….

  21. Thanks for your autobuy chrome extention. i was able to buy my lenovo k4 note without any problems instantly. i appreciate your help

  22. BOOM!
    I ordered my love…… with the help of this extension. Great work mannnnn!!!!! You are superb and of course ur extension!! πŸ˜›

  23. Hi… The trick worked out very well… in fact I was able to book two, one for me and one for my friend and if not with this trick I couldn’t have done that.. i guess.
    One more thing,.. all these happened within seconds…. like a charm!… hats off! πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much!

  24. hello friend
    yesterday i tried the extension and succeeded to add it to the cart but the prise was not 12499 it was 13348
    and i cancelled the order.. can you tell me why dis happened..??

    • why u cancelled the order, it seems everyone had tht problem in calculation.they must hve revert back balance amt. No problem use our extension in today’s sale.

      • i ordered and when i proceed to check out the amount did not changed
        and i thought it may be applied but after that payment was unsuccessful coz my bank balance was only 13000…..
        can u tell me how can i order it on 26 jan at 12499…??

    • Hey.. you really missed the opportunity… just because you did not read buying instruction on amazon k4 note page which in fact was not a rocket science or difficult to locate information.

      They said “the discount will be applied at the time of checkout”..

      You missed it buddy! πŸ™

  25. please tell me how to exactly use the extension. When to refresh and when to click on the xtension. Do we need to do anything specific. Though u have mentioned above, but it is clear when to do what things .PLz explain in detail

    • Install our auto-buy extension in chrome browser, before half an hour sale begins do follow steps mentioned for 100% success. U need to refresh the timer page when counter is less than 1 min.

  26. Very Very Thank You To You Sir… But Amazon Say’s ” Registration Done For Lenovo K4 Note With VR Bundle Offer Are Also Valid For Lenovo K4 Note Sale On 20Th Jan 2016…” So Can I Buy With VR Bundle Offer Rs. 12,500 /- Becoz I Register On 12Th Jan 2016… Reply…

  27. Hello Admin… Good Morning… Want To Know Something That When Lenovo K4 Note With VR Bundle Sale Timer Shown Start On Lenovo K4 Page…. Reply As Soon As Possible… Thank You…

  28. The extension will work for today’s sale also? or I have to update this. Please tell me the exact way to use the extension. I think i did something wrong yesterday. Please help me.

  29. Hello Admin… In How Many Days Delivered This Lenovo K4 Note With VR Bundle…??? And There Is Cash On Delivery Available Or Not…?? Reply Please…

  30. Hello Sir… R U Sure We Can Buy Tommorrow Definately Who Has Not Received Today Flash Sale…?? Because 10,000 Mobiles Are Sold Today… And Registration People Is 480,566 Nos. So Add To Cart This Option Are Available Tommrrow…?? Whos Not Getting Deals Today… Reply As Soon As Possible…

  31. Dear Admin,

    I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the tricks and steps showed on your website. I was able to buy the phone as soon as the sale was on. I think so the phone was added to the cart in a millisecond.

    Thank you again πŸ™‚

  32. First of all, I’ll have to apologize for having been mentally skeptical of the site. The extension did not really look like it would work. But since my dad had used the extension to get a Yu Yureka through an earlier flash sale, I thought I’d give it a shot. Had kept the second script copied and the console window open just as a backup in case first method failed.

    However, the first method (automatic extension) worked flawlessly! Thank you so much!!! I have ordered my Lenovo K4 Note with VR Bundle and the expected date of arrival (Bangalore) is 27th January. Waiting with my fingers crossed… The specs of the device are good on paper but need to see how well it works in real life situations.

    My earlier phone Samsung Galaxy S3 was stolen and I desperately needed a good new phone. I’m not sure if I’d have got it manually through the flash sale. So once again a heartfelt thanks and keep up the great work. Will definitely refer others to this site. Did so already to a couple of my friends.

  33. thank you sudeep.. really appreciate the sharing with your friends πŸ™‚
    and we are glad that your dad also used our script..

  34. What Is The Earlier Registration Date For Lenovo K4 Note With VR Bundle…??

    And Required Date Also For Only Lenovo K4 Note Registration Date…

  35. I Already Login In My Account But Showing Sale In On But Not Getting Lenovo K4 Note And Showing Message ” Please Sign In To Account ” And I Register Lenovo K4 Note On 12Th January 2016 So What’s Problem…??? Can You Tell Me…??

    Thanks a lot bro
    it worked pretty fast and as trusted ….thanks for the great extension.#THUMBS UP

      • I Already Login In My Account But Showing Sale In On But Not Getting Lenovo K4 Note And Showing Message ” Please Sign In To Account ” And I Register Lenovo K4 Note On 12Th January 2016 So What’s Problem…??? Can You Tell Me…??

        • The registrations for Lenovo K 4 note with VR bundles lasted on for 2 days after it was first released on 5th January. The registrations till 18th Jan, were only of Lenovo K4 note for the sale on 20th Jan, not 19th Jan. That’s the reason

  37. Did not work for me. dont know why? used the 1st trick. I did not get the add to cart icon anywhere on the page.. does anyone know why???? had registered on 11th Jan

    • not sure what went wrong jmx.. make sure your internet is not slow. you can try for tomorrow’s sale too. follow the instructions in the post and all the best

  38. thnx for ur trick…i hv used ur trick to buy a lot of phones. first i used it to lenovo a6000 using the script and i rely on that . i have used the script this time too.

  39. I rarely comment on websites but had to do for this. I thought this was another fake site but i gave it a shot and boom it worked i just ordered k4 note all thanks to you. This phone is gift for my mom’s birthday. Thanks man once again

  40. thanx for ur extension its automatically added the both mobile and VR glasses within 1 sec
    i got phone at first sale with help of flash sale tricks ..

  41. one thing i have to say i got vr glasses twice in my cart. so i updated the cart to quantity one. i think there is no need to add vr glasses early. both the items got added automatically.

  42. Thank you flashsaletricks. you are the best. I used 1st method by extension. I didnt do anything expect refresh the page when counter is less than one min. after the counter end the item got added to cart automatically and it asked proceed to checkout. Thank you for your wonderful trick.

  43. wow workked like a charm,i was bit skeptical but it worked perfectly on the extension one,never had luck on amazon sale manually ,both were added automatically and i checked out ,thanks dude

  44. Sir, can we use extension and script at the same time from two different accounts? How? Please reply!!!! For that do, we have to use two different browsers?

  45. Which VR glasses do we need to add to the cart as i am not able to search the exact one or will it be added along with phone automatically though flashsaletricks extension ?

  46. Thnx for the reply….OK so now as m done adding d flash extension do I yet need to add d vr glasses & k4 note seperarely to my cart & yet if I need to add the vr glasses how will I knew which glasses should I add to my cart Cruz there r loads of it online

  47. When can i add it in CART. BEFORE 5 MIN ONLY OR MUCH EARLY .
    Also , script given to add is only for Mobile or Including the glass?
    After adding , any shortcut to pay immediately ?

    • auto-buy extension/ script to buy K4 Note, need to add ANT VR Glass sepearatly in ur cart. We will share the link for VR Glass shortly.

      • Provide the Code for ANT VR Glass for using the method 2 of booking
        . Since Method 1 , i could not do – because administrator blocked the Autobuy chrome extension in our office

    • U need to add VR Glass seperatly in cart, before or after u add k4 note to ur cart. Need to checkout both to avail bundle offer.

  48. Hello Sir,

    I just followed the procedure given by you and by mistake I entered the script in consoled tab and it has started running already…

    Will that a be a problem???

  49. Sir Can I still register by any way as registeration of both Vrglass and K4 has been closed
    Please tell me the
    Iwant to buy bith for 12500

  50. Sir, i have alredy registerd, should i install the extension or it can be automatically inserted into my cart, also i am using 2g network, what are my chances to get the same. Please comment.

    • Hi Ankush, yes you have to download the extension and install it. Then it will automatically add lenovo k4 note to your cart. its better to use faster network.

  51. So sir, similarly, do we have to do the last refresh of the page when the counter is less than 1 minute if we are using the script (on console) in place of extension ?
    And sir do we have to press enter after copying and pasting the script to the console only when the counter is less than 1 minute?

  52. Sir, I live in college hostel, and some unuseful and unwanted sites have been blocked by college proxy. But all the online shopping sites like amazon, flipkart etc. and other useful sites are NOT blocked and they are running as good as they do run. So sir, will this extension even work in my college, as amazon is running very good and as it is not blocked?

  53. Sir,
    1. We know that the extention offers two options when we click extention-> amazom-> Lenovo K4 note. The options are β€œK4 note” and β€œK4 note with VR bundle”. So sir, do we need to click the option β€œK4 note with VR bundle” on 19th January and β€œK4 note” on 20th January(FOR THOSE WHO COULD NOT GET REGISTERED FOR 19th JANUARY SALE)? plz reply sir.
    2. Will this extention automatically add the mobile into my cart as soon as the counter ends?

    • And sir, does this extention works on “Baidu Web browser” or any other browser or does this only works on Google chrome?

        • Sir, its not working with my chrome browser, when I clck K4 note in the extention, it say DNS Unable to lookup. What should I do?

        • Sir, After trying, flash sale tricks extention got added in Baidu browser, and following the steps told, it opened Lenovo k4 note page on amazon, but when it didn’t get installed on Opera browser. Does this mean that this extention will work on baidu browser. (IT DIDN’T get INSTALLED ON OTHER BROWSERS< I TRIED).

    • K4 note for 20Jan sale and K4 note with VR bundle for 19Jan sale(*For Registered users).Our auto-buy extension will automatically add K4 note to ur cart. Just follow the steps accordingly for first sale(100% works).

        • U can use either auto-buy extension or script for K4 note sale. If u wnt u can try with script in firefox browser and chrome extension in chrome browser(both u need to use 2 different accounts for different methods).

  54. sir,
    i want to ask you can i buy the “k4 note with VR bundle” with this code or i need any other code for that whose sale is on 19 jan ???
    please tell me

    • Auto-buy extension/ script is to automatically add K4 note to ur cart, also need to add VR glass separately (No need of script to add VR glass).

  55. It shows you’ve subscribed to Lenovo K4 note VR bundle offer in Amazon Website. I received an email like this. . This refers to registration or not? Am I eligible to buy Lenovo K4 note VR bundle on January 19, 2016? Please let me know. I’m having a doubt.

    • It is amazon exclusive flash sale, sale for k4 note with VR bundle offer on 19 Jan @ 2Pm and for k4 note on 20 Jan @ 2Pm. Keeping following our page for more updates. Like and Share our FaceBook & Twitter page for more updates on K4 note sale.


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