[Solved] – How to delete multiple contacts from Xiaomi Smartphones

Delete Multiple Contacts in Xiaomi Phone
Delete Multiple Contacts in Xiaomi Phone

Howdy guys.. Welcome you to new series of posts that focus on tips and tricks of using xiaomi smartphones. In this post lets see how to delete multiple contacts from xiaomi phone [Mi Note 3, Redmi Prime 3S].  I have taken Redmi Prime 3S to demonstrate how to delete multiple contacts even this applicable to Note 3 as well.

Basically, you wont get option to delete multiple contacts in ‘Contacts’ directly from home screen  in your phones. You have to use in some way by means of additional settings. So let me explain that in detail.

Just launch the home screen in your xiaomi smartphone and tap the contacts menu.


You can see the contact list available in your phone that sorted alphabetically and importantly you find no option to delete in ‘contacts’ screen. you would able to select each contact and then need to delete if you want to do so.




But wait, Here you can see another option to delete multiple contacts easily. Launch Settings menu from home screen and scroll down to find ‘System Apps’ sub menu over there.


Just tap ‘System apps’, you can see ‘Contacts’ sub menu over there and tap once again.


You can see ‘Organise contacts’ sub menu and just tap it once.


You can find ‘Delete batch’ option under ‘Organise Contacts’ screen.



Just tap ‘Delete batch’, you can select multiple contacts by clicking circle icon against each contacts and tick mark enabled over it.  You can also select all contacts by clicking ‘Select all’ option over top of screen. Click delete icon to delete multiple contacts altogether




Click ‘Delete contact’ from pop up dialog box to delete multiple contacts finally.


After delete, open contacts from home screen and you can verify multiple contacts deleted altogether by this way.


That’s it, you’re done with deleting multiple contacts in your xiaomi smartphone. Thanks for reading the post Delete Multiple Contacts from Xiaomi Phone. and stay tuned by subscribing for more informative tips like this. Please do comment below and let us know your feedback.


  1. How abour for the Redmi 9 😌 i follow the step but nothing there’s no option with the ORGANISE CONTACT 😶

  2. Whenever I download paytm app, I see each of my contact for two times. Like one with mobile no and another with paytm symbol but without mobile no.
    Please guide how to prevent this as this is very irritating to see each contact two time

  3. Highly appreciate you for the detailed explanation at its best. Thank you very much this topic helped me to access the deletion, as I was amazed there was no option on the phone.


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