How to Download MobiKwik Lite app (MobiKwik mobile wallet)


Mobile wallet company MobiKwik has today launched new mobile app MobiKwik ‘Lite’ , that claims to work smoothly on slow data connectivity. MobiKwik ‘Lite’ is easy to understand, helps unorganised retailers & shopkeepers in receiving payments seamlessly.

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The MobiKwik Lite app has been designed to be under 1MB in size. It is claimed to operate with minimal data usage and the company promises that even with future updates to the app, the size of the app will be kept under 1MB. As of now, the app requires internet connectivity, but the company aims to bring the same transaction capabilities through the use of SMS in the near future. The app currently supports Hindi and English and by the end of this week, more regional languages will be added. It supports Android v2.3 (and later) and iOS.

How to download MobiKwik Lite app

As the MobiKwik Lite app doesn’t require one to necessarily have an email account.

  • Give a missed call to 8097180971 which sends an SMS with a download link to the app.
  • Once a user clicks on the download link, downloaded within 30 seconds. (as claimed by MobiKwik even on a 2G or EDGE connection)
  • There is a single step OTP login using just your mobile number.


How to accept payment through credit/debit cards on MobiKwik Lite app

  • In order to receive payments, a merchant simply needs to type in the mobile number of the customer who will recieve an SMS with MobiKwik’s payment gateway link.
  • Through this link, customers can choose from a number of payments options including debit card, credit card, net banking, ATM Pin, UPI, and more.
  • Customers don’t need to have the app on their device as they are directly taken to a secure payments gateway.
  • For credit and debit card holders, the process is very similar to what they do for an online transaction via debit or credit card.
  • It also adheres to RBI’s mandatory two-step verification process.

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The MobiKwik app supports not only payments but also allows inter-wallet operability, which means you could use other wallets to add money to MobiKwik account. Currently, the app supports wallets such as ICICI Pockets, SBI Buddy, PayZapp, and Oxygen. Alternatively, merchants can also share their QR code with the customers for receiving payments via the app.

While MobiKwik Lite also eliminates the need for a merchant to have a physical card swipe machine, the payment is relatively secure because the transaction is still controlled by the user. Unlike Paytm’s system, the MobiKwik Lite app doesn’t require the payer to enter their card details onto the merchant’s device in a situation when they need to make payments through credit or debit card. The transaction is carried out on the payer’s device itself with the merchant being a mere facilitator to share the QR code or send payment gateway link through SMS. MobiKwik says it has its own payment gateway so if there’s an instance of theft of the mobile device, there is a procedure to safeguard the account from any risk.

Bipin Preet Singh, Co-founder of MobiKwik said, “With 250 million smartphones and less than 50% net penetration, India is highly underserved and the adverse impact of this reality is being observed by masses given the recent demonetization. To bridge the gap between India & Bharat, we have launched MobiKwik ‘Lite’.”



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