Facebook Research App | Get $5 Every Month + Earn $10 per Referral


Facebook Research App | Get $5 Every Month + Invite Friends & Earn $10 per Referral. Exclusive research project being conducted by Applause Inc. Participants in this study have the opportunity to earn as much as they want each month with no work required.

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How to Get $5 Every Month + Invite Friends and Earn $10 per Referral:

1. This is an Invite based program only, So Comment your Age, Name and atleast 2 emails linked to Paypal (because sometime 1 email doesn’t get invite sometime). If you signed up using your Non-Paypal email address.

2. Then you can Add that email to your Original Paypal account Using Add a email feature

Note : Please comment only 1 time, Do not submit multiple comments. Also use Age less than 26 years at Registration Page, Else you are not eligible.

3. You will receive an email in next 1-5 days “Applause Research Program – You’ve Been Invited!” (1st Email)

4. You have to register for the project using the same email where you receive your invite email.

5. Now again, You will receive another email from Facebook Research – Applause. (2nd Email)

6. Confirm Your Install: If you haven’t already, make sure you have downloaded and installed the research application on your primary mobile phone:

7. From your mobile phone, download and install the research application here: https://webapp.diawi.com/install/QRzwUJ

Note: Make Sure “Unknown Sources” is enabled on your device in order to Install the App. Please Goto Phone Setting and search for “unknown sources” and For Xiaomi users: Goto Phone Settings -> Additional setting >> Privacy -> allow unknown sources.

8. Launch the app and follow the in-app installation instructions. When asked, enter your unique installation code into the application: XxxxXx (See your email for the code).

9. You will receive 3rd Email for entering your payment details (Put your Paypal Email address, Make sure it should be same as your Facebook research invite email).

10. You’re done! No additional action is required. It can take up to three days for you to appear in our reports. We will send you a confirmation email once we’ve confirmed your participation in our reports, or we will contact you in the event there might be issues with your installation.

11. Once installed, you will be paid for each month the application remains installed and active on your phone.

12. Now you will receive 4th Email about “Facebook Research Program – Installation Confirmed!”. That’s it, Now You can Refer your friends and earn $10 for each Referral.

FaceBook Research App Invite & Earn $10 per referral:

1. Make sure you have recieved email with heading “Facebook Research Program – Installation Confirmed!” After that you are eligible for referring.

2. Click on “Refer a Friend Now” on that email and accept the terms.

3. Now a forms will open up, Enter your Name, email and referee Name, email and select his age.

4. That’s it, your friend will recieve Facebook Research App invite within 3 days and take more days in rare cases.

5. You will earn $10 per month when your referred friend will keep app installed every month.

Note: Device Requirements: iOS 8.0+, Android 6.0+, smartphones only (No tablets)


  1. Lucky to know this site. I would like to join your Facebook research application. I am 19 years old with colvit19 i’m can not make money please help me


    Now, In India, Male Who Is 18 to 35 Years Old Can’t Participate But Females can participate of any age group.  So At the time when you are registering your account to Facebook research app, then choose your sex as Female


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