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This post is specially for people out there who search for "ATM with Cash near Me"

                                       Find an ATM with Cash Near You

We welcome the Government’s move to demonetize old Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 notes to help curb the black economy in India. However our day to day life is still heavily dependent on cash and we realize you’re struggling to find a functional ATM near you. To be honest, I was inspired to write this post because I was trying to find an ATM with cash near me.

Tips for Cashless Buying

About a couple of days ago as the ATM situation was becoming more difficult, we are delighted to tell you that you can find an ATM with cash from this page.

But if want to be benefited, you have to help in return. That’s how the system works! As much as you are trying to find an ATM with cash near you, people are also trying to find a working ATM with cash near them. All we ask is help spread the message so that more people can find an ATM with cash. just leave a comment. You can also share it on your timeline with hashtag (#workingATMs, #ATMsWithCash, #ATMsnearyou) so that more people can find a functional ATM. You can use one of the hastag buttons below to post it on your twitter timeline.

Looking for Working ATMs?

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Twitter HashTags to find ATM with cash:

Cash No Cash or, launched by Quikr and NASSCOM, is a website that provides you information about ATMs with cash in your vicinity based on your pincode. Type your pincode in the search box and hit the Find Cash button to find which ATMs are still working and have cash. Cash No Cash will highlight the ATMs with cash in green pins, the ones with long wait time in orange, and out-of-cash ATMs in red.

  • Go to website
  • Now just enter your areas PIN code on the search bar of the website and press Find Cash
  • That’s it, now you can see which ATM near you have cash.

Offering information based on crowdsourced data, is a website that can provide you information about status of ATMs in areas around you. Search for any area on the website by typing the location and hitting the Search ATM button. It will display a list of ATMs and tell you if the machine has cash or no cash, and how long the ATM queue is, along with nearby landmarks. As a crowdsourced website, ATM Search lets users update the information about existing ATMs in the database, and allows them to add unlisted ATMs by providing basic details, such as bank name, landmark, and crowd status. is a crowd sourced application to check status of cash in nearby ATMs.

Update ATM status and Earn Rewards

How it Works
1. Login
Yes, it’s free! Login in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

2. Share ATM
Find ATM near you and Update status of ATM. Share the status of ATM to your friends using Facebook, Twitter or to Google Plus.

3. Earn Rewards
Top 3 participants will get daily rewards.

Daily : Gift voucher worth 100
Monthly : Mobile Tablet for topper
You can earn points as given below.
10 points – First Login
2 points – Subsequent Login
2 points – Updating ATM status
5 points – Sharing ATM status on Facebook / Twitter / Google
1 point – Sharing using Add This
10 points – Poll Vote

Our Appeal:
We request users not to submit fake status for an ATM in for the sake of points & topping the Leaderboard. People will take reference of this data to visit ATMs. Please understand that this is for a greater cause and post your updates as a responsible Indian. Due to recent abuse we have implied some common sense into ATM status updates.

Google India ‘Find an ATM Near You’ Tool:
Google India has added a tool called ‘Find an ATM Near You’ on main page just below the Google search button. Once you click, it will take you to Maps and displays the list of ATM nearby your place. This feature is available on both mobile and desktop.

Google Find ATM Near Me
                                                       Google ATM near me tool

ATMBot :

This ATM chatbot on Facebook Messenger will show cash availability in the nearest ATMs.


Find an #ATMwithCash near you with Walnut APP
Walnut, a personal finance management app, lets you locate ATMs with cash in your area. The app has approximately 2 million users and tracks when they withdraw cash from an ATM. Based on this information, it can provide a list of ATMs that are still working; the user base also shares details such as the length of the queue with Walnut, providing the app with more data to serve to other users looking for cash. The company says it plans to add information regarding the availability of specific notes at ATMs in the next update.
Download Walnut Android APP:


atm with cash near me
                                                             ATM With Cash

CMS ATM Finder
Download CMS ATM Finder Android APP :
CMS Infosystems is a company that manages 55,000 ATMs across the country. It has setup an ATM finder tool that provides information on working ATMs; you can select any city and look for a machine that is still dispensing cash near you. This is limited to only the 55,000 CMS ATMs, but it has the benefit of having accurate information, straight from the company that operates these ATMs.



Tapzo (formerly Helpchat) Android App
Out of Cash ? Find the nearest working ATM with Helpchat.
Download Tapzo (formerly Helpchat) Android App


locATM Android App

Download locATM Android App


Download Chkdin Android APP:


Disclaimer: Those websites and applications, is crowdsourced and largely depends on its users for data shown on the website. They might not necessarily be accurate all the time, but it certainly won’t hurt to try them out and figure out which works best for you or your location.

Image Courtesy : Walnut



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