Flipkart Pay Later  | A New way to shop online


Flipkart Pay Later | Flipkart introduced “Pay Later” Customers can purchase goods on Flipkart throughout the month upto an enabled limit (Rs 5–10k) without having to go through the payment process every time.

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How to buy Product from Flipkart Pay Later:

1. Visits Flipkart, check for ‘Flipkart Pay Later’ balance in account page.

2. Finds out which products are eligible for Flipkart Pay Later through callouts on the respective Product pages.

3. Adds the products to cart and continues to the payment page, wherein choose ‘Flipkart Pay Later’ as the payment method, completes the transaction with one-click and the order gets placed.

4. Customer receives the order, is able to track all his purchases/ usage of Flipkart Pay Later account & make the payment for all purchases before due date i.e. 10th of next month.


  • Flipkart Pay Later is a proposition extended by select sellers to certain select customers, wherein the said sellers are extending the option to pay for their orders at a date later than purchase date, subject to a collective monthly purchase limit and these terms and conditions. Accordingly, I understand that I have been chosen to exercise this payment option.
  • Flipkart Pay Later is available only on Flipkart Assured products and for select sellers, and it is at the sole discretion of the sellers to choose products on which Flipkart Pay Later will be applicable. The decision of the sellers shall be final in this regard.
  • I understand and acknowledge that upon opting for Flipkart Pay Later to place orders, I shall receive a monthly statement to my registered email address, detailing the orders placed during the corresponding month, on the 1st day of every subsequent English Calendar month. I further understand and undertake that I shall be required to pay the outstanding amount reflecting in the said statement, due to the sellers, on or before 10th of the subsequent month by using online payment modes only (including credit card, debit card, netbanking and that cash payment in part or full shall not be accepted. Upon opting Flipkart Pay Later to place orders, I agree that I will not be able to pay for such orders using cash at any later point.
  • I understand and acknowledge that if I fail to pay the outstanding amount by the due date, the sellers shall have the right to levy a penalty at their sole discretion. The penalty will depend on the outstanding due as on 10th of the month, and shall not exceed: Rs 100 for outstanding of upto Rs 2000, Rs 200 for outstanding of Rs 2001 – Rs 4000, and Rs 400 for outstanding of Rs 4001 and above. Any delay in payment may lead to suspension of any further purchases on flipkart.com, Flipkart Mobile app and Flipkart m-website, till such time that the outstanding amount is cleared. By opting to avail Flipkart Pay Later, I undertake to make the payment in the timelines set forth above.
  • I understand and acknowledge that the seller and/or Flipkart Internet Private Limited will have the right to send me reminders electronically to my registered phone number prior to the due date of payment and reach me on my registered phone number/any alternative number provided by me or the holder of the alternative number , during reasonable hours if I fail to pay the outstanding amount by due date. I further understand and acknowledge that this consent to receive reminders/ calls shall be valid and shall prevail over the current or any subsequent registration of my registered phone number/ my alternate number on the National Do Not Call Registry and shall continue to be treated as my acceptance/ consent. Furthermore, I acknowledge and confirm that I am aware of the nature of telecommunications/ internet services and that an email transmission may not be received properly. I agree to assume and bear all the risks involved in respect of such errors and misunderstanding and that the seller and/ or Flipkart shall not be responsible in any manner.
  • I understand and acknowledge that Flipkart Pay Later payment cannot be clubbed with any other bank offers running on Flipkart while placing the order or making the payment.
  • I understand and acknowledge that the sellers by extending the Flipkart Pay Later scheme are entrusting upon me the possession of the products ordered by me, till such time and basis my assurance that the payment will be completed by me on or before the due date. I further understand and confirm that notwithstanding any relief or recourse provided under these terms and conditions, a breach of this trust shall amount to dishonestly misappropriating the benefits of this scheme in violation of these terms and conditions, and shall entitle the sellers to take any action against me as may be prescribed under the law.
  • The sellers reserve the right to withdraw Flipkart Pay Later scheme or vary, alter or modify the terms of this scheme, at its sole discretion. Using Flipkart Pay Later at this time does not entitle automatic right of participation in similar schemes in the future and the sellers shall have the sole right to extend or restrict such participation.
  • I understand and confirm that any dispute that may arise in relation to me availing this Flipkart Pay Later scheme shall be referred to an Arbitrator appointed by the Sellers and the Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in Bangalore in English, which shall be governed by the provisions of the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, or any statutory modification as may be then in force. I agree and confirm that the order passed by the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties hereto.
  • Any matter concerning Flipkart Pay Later or the interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be subject to jurisdiction of courts at Bangalore only.



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