How to Generate Paytm QR Code For Retailers and Shopkeepers


Are you looking to start accepting digital payments at your shop or business, Just download the Paytm app and generate the Paytm QR code. You can instantly start receiving payment by generating the Paytm QR code. The setup is very easy and free of cost.


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There will be No Annual Maintenance charges and the Transaction fee will be 0%. As the Government of India is striving hard to make all the transactions digital, they have demonetized ₹500 and ₹1000 notes. Now, More number of shopkeepers, Autowalas, and small business people are accepting Paytm payments.

So, If you are a shopkeeper or a Business person and you want to generate the Paytm QR code for your store and Accept money from your Paytm QR code instantly.


We want all of you to chip in and help shopkeepers around your house to start accepting Paytm.

Here is what you can do: Refer the link here for more details

Article: Here’s a complete guide on How to Accept payments by Paytm in your store/shop/business

1. Download the Ad in your language (right click on the Ad & “Save Image As” to download on your computer or long touch on your phone to save), Click here

2. Take few print outs (if on computer) or share it with the shopkeepers in your area using WhatsApp

3. Give a missed call at 72109-72109 if they need more help to start accepting Paytm

4. Or you can WhatsApp Shop Name, Phone No. & Location to 91-81308-88197 and we will reach out to the shopkeeper.

For Retailers and Shopkeepers
Get your own Paytm QR code and start collecting payments with no cost, within minutes. Leave your contact details below and our team will give you call back in 48 hours.

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Just follow the steps below:

How to Generate Paytm QR Code Generator

1. Open the Browser and Visit the below link Paytm QR Code Generator Page or Click here.

2. You will see a form to be filled in English. There is an option to view the form in Hindi as well , Click here for Hindi.

3. Please provide contact information in the form.

Fill up your all the required details Like – First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Business/Outlet Name, Pincode, City, Business Address etc.

4. After that, Click on ‘Submit’ Button.

That’s it!! Once the all process has complete, Then Paytm team will give you call back in 48 hours.

Instantly start accepting payment using your Mobile Number

1. Download Paytm app on your smartphone & sign up using your mobile number.

2. Ask your customer to open their Paytm app. Tap (Pay or Send ), Enter Your mobile number & amount to Pay.

Get Your Paytm QR Code Instantly

1. Download Paytm app on your smartphone & sign up using your mobile number.

2. After Fill this Form and generate your Paytm QR Code Instantly.

3. Print and Paste your QR Code at your counter.

4. Ask your customers to tap Pay or send button, scan your QR Code, enter amount and Pay.

Advantages of Using Paytm QR code Payments

As of now, more than 15 crore customers are signed up with Paytm and are using their website or App for Mobile Recharges, Bill Payments, Online Shopping, Retail purchases, Booking Bus tickets, Movie tickets and more.

More than 8 lakh merchants are accepting the Paytm Payments, and the count is increasing rapidly every single day. Grocery Stores, Chemists, Autorickshaws, Tea stalls, Restaurants, Petrol pumps, Schools, Colleges, Parking, Street Food, Gas and Milk Booths are accepting Paytm Payments across India.

The Paytm Payments are not only fast but also secure. Users can make the payment just by scanning the QR code, and all the payment information is encrypted, and the Paytm Wallet is also approved by Reserve Bank of India.

How To Use Paytm For Shopping At POS

Merchants can follow simple steps to accept payments on paytm:
1. Download Paytm from Google play store
2. Sign up if you are new to Paytm
3. Click Accept Payment.
4. Select “Accept Debit or Credit Card” option
5. Enter amount you want toreceive
6. Click proceed
7. The merchant should make note of debit/credit card number, expiry date, and CVV
8. Proceed to pay
9. The customer has to enter an OTP.

Once the customer enters OTP received on his mobile, the money will be added to merchant’s paytm wallet. Paytm recently announced that its customers will now be able to transfer money from Paytm to their bank account at 0% fee till 31st December 2016.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Does Paytm QR Code Works ?
Paytm QR code working is very simple and easy to understand. Shopkeeper just need to show QR code to the customer and customer needs to scan that QR code using paytm app and enter the amount that they have to pay the shopkeeper and click on “Send”. That’s it. Shopkeeper will receive money in their paytm wallet instantly.

How To Scan Paytm QR Code ?

  • Simply download the latest version of paytm app in your smartphone.
  • Open the app and login to your account
  • Click on “Pay or Send” option on the homepage of paytm app
  • Paytm app will start scanning the QR code. So, you need to move your device in front of QR code so that paytm can successfully scan the code.
  • That’s it. Paytm will scan the QR code.

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How To Find That Shopkeeper Accept Paytm As Payment Mode ?
You can easily figure out which shop accept paytm as you will see this kind of logo pasted on their desk or wall. You can also ask the shopkeeper whether they accept payments via paytm wallet or not.

Is it free to get paytm QR Code ?
Yes, it’s totally free. You don’t need to pay a single rupee to get Paytm QR code for your shop.

What to do with money received in paytm wallet ?
You can use paytm cash for mobile recharge, bills payment, cab booking, hotel booking and much more. You can also transfer paytm cash in your bank account directly and paytm cash will be transferred in your bank account instantly.


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