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Starting 16th November, Jio is kicking off a campaign across platforms including Facebook where users will be able to sign up for the home delivery of SIM cards. As per the TRAI directive, one person is entitled to hold a maximum of 9 SIM cards. Reliance Jio will let users schedule the time for the home delivery and will send the personnel to complete e-KYC based on Aadhaar.

As per our sources, the home delivery of Jio SIM campaign will initially kick off in major metros like Delhi and Mumbai, and will slowly roll out to other cities in India.


Here’s How To Get Jio Sim For Xiaomi Devices

How To Get Jio SIM Delivered At Your Home

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1. Visit Reliance Jio website , fill up the required personal details and Schedule Jio Service personnel to visit your Home premises.
2. Install the ‘MyJio’ app and other Jio apps on your smartphone and generate the Welcome Offer code.
3. Submit your Aadhar Card number to Reliance Jio executive when he arrives at your doorstep with eKYC device.
4. Now swipe your finger at the eKYC device terminal and submit your Jio Welcome Offer code to the executive to get your SIM activated within 15 minutes.

Reliance Jio – Key Features

  • Free Voice Calls
  • No Roaming Charges
  • Rs.50 Per GB
  • Free Data services, Access to premium Jio Apps till 31st December.
  • Students get 25% more data.
  • JioFi Device price drop, now available for Rs 1,999

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Here is the Reliance Jio 4G Plan Tariff package

All the plans are valid for 28 Days. Night Unlimited time (2AM – 5AM)

₹149 – 0.3GB Data – 100SMS
₹499 – 4GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 8GB Hotspot
₹999 – 10GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 20GB Hotspot
₹1499 – 20GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 30GB Hotspot
₹2499 – 35GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 70GB Hotspot
₹3999 – 60GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 120GB Hotspot
₹4999 – 75GB Data – Unlimited 4G at night / 150GB Hotspot

Other Plans

₹19 Plan – 100MB Data, Unlimted 4G Night Data, Unlimited SMS, 200MB Hotspot – Valid for one Day
₹199 Plan- 750MB Data, Unlimted 4G Night Data, Unlimited SMS, 1.5GB Hotspot – Valid for seven days
₹299 Plan – 2GB Data, Unlimted 4G Night Data, Unlimited SMS, 4GB Hotspot – Valid for 21 Days.

Jio eKYC – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to generate the Jio offer code?

On your Android Smartphone, launch Google Play App and search for MyJio App. Install the App and you might get a popup to get the Jio Sim or Generate the Offer code.

You can install all the Jio Apps in a single click, on some Android mobiles, you will have to approve each app request. After all the apps are installed, you will get the welcome offer screen. Once, you get the Jio welcome screen; you have to enter the Sate, City, first name, last name, current mobile number. After entering all the details, click on generate OTP.

Enter the One time password sent to your mobile number and Generate the Barcode.

2. Generate Code Option does not show?

On few Android Smartphones, Generate code option might not show up, Just uninstall all the Jio Apps and try to reinstall them. In case, the welcome screen does not show up even after reinstalling the Jio App; you can try to generate the offer code on some other smartphone.

3. How much time will it take to complete the Jio eKYC process?

It will take not more than 5 minutes to Auto verify your details using eKYC. Users just have to carry their Aadhar card and the generated offer code.

No need fill any forums, submit any documents or passport photos. The Jio Staff will verify your fingerprints with the Aadhar database, and all your details will be submitted digitally.

4. My Jio Sim Card is not activated?

Generally, the Jio SIM card issued via eKYC process will be activated within a few minutes or hours. In case your sim card is not activated or showing no signal, Just reinsert it and make sure you set the Preferred network to 4G in your network settings.

Some of you might be using the Jio SIM Card as the secondary one. In some Dual sim smartphones, only the primary sim card slot is 4G, so, make sure you insert the Jio Sim card in 4G slot and Set the Preferred network type to 4G.

Go to Settings >> Network Settings and Change Preferred network type to 4G.

If you have encountered the No Signal in Jio Sim Problem, make sure you follow the above steps and let us know if the solution worked.



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