How to Manage Duplicate Names in your Contacts on Xiaomi Phones


When we have multiple names of a same person and each name of that person has different contact number saved in our Smartphone, we may want to remove the duplicate names from the contacts list and save all the numbers of the person under a single name.

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When our mobile has identical entries (same person with same number) saved multiple times in the contacts list, removing all the duplicate entries from the list becomes necessary. Such process is sometimes also referred to as merging the contacts.

Merge the contacts in Xiaomi phone and also change display preferences.

For Merging contacts:

1. Open Phone/Dialer app in your phone

2. Tap on Contacts

3. Long press the menu button

4. Tap on Organise Contacts

5. Select Merge Duplicate Contacts

6. Tap on Merge option to Merge all duplicate contacts

For Changing Contact Preferences:

1. Go to Contacts Settings

2. Select Display Preferences

3. Tap on Configure Contact Lists

4. Choose your preferred account.




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