How to Recover Lost Data from SD Card

How to Recover Lost Data from SD Card
How to Recover Lost Data from SD Card

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Free Tools & Quick Hacks to Recover Lost Data from Dead SD Cards

Every electronic gadget comes with defined internal memory storage. You can’t access more storage than the specified storage space. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to delete existing files to make space for new ones. What you can do is to extend the memory capacity with a Secure Digital card on your smartphones, computers and DSLR and other digital cameras. However, has your SD card encountered any data loss, recently? Data recovery Dubai service has become more accessible with dedicated software to recover lost data from damaged from dead or crashed SD cards.

How to Recover Lost Data from SD Card
How to Recover Lost Data from SD Card

What Causes Data Loss on an SD Card?

Well, it’s important to know what causes such data loss from SD cards. According to studies, a single factor is responsible for such concluding circumstances but a handful of them can lead this situation.

You can prevent upcoming data loss if you become more careful while handling SD cards. Here are the instances that can trigger data loss:

● Abrupt removal of SD cards from devices can cause the SD card to turn into a corrupted one. Once the memory card becomes corrupted, eventually you can’t use the saved data, any more.

● Can you notice repetitive format messages from your SD cards whenever you plug them into your devices? If yes, then there are chances that you might experience data loss in a few days. Try backing up all the data saved in your SD card to avoid unpleasant circumstances.

● Malicious threats can trigger data loss. Malware and virus can make your SD cards get corrupted.

● While transferring data from SD card to device or vice versa, a power failure can make the memory card inaccessible. It happens due to the synchronization issue caused by power failure. As a result, you might lose partial or complete data loss on your SD card.

UAE Data Recovery offers compatible Data Recovery Dubai services to get your lost data back from SD cards, as well.

How to Bring Back the Lost Data from an SD Card?

If you are trying to accomplish Data Recovery Dubai service on your own then recovery software is the best. However, all these software work for logical data loss. Further, you would probably fail to recover the lost data through this software if the SD cards have encountered any physical damage, such as:

● NAND chips get damaged
● The USB connection is broken
● Damage due to smoke, fire and water
● Heated electronics

For the above-mentioned circumstances, only a professional cleanroom can help you. UAE Data Recovery is a recommended solution to Data Recovery Dubai. They have got certified tools, experienced technicians, high-quality clean rooms and proper licenses. They have got the highest success rates in recovering lost data from SD cards, whether the damage being logical or physical.

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5 Best Free Software for Data Recovery

But, if you want it to give the first try then there are various free software available for Data Recovery Dubai. We have sorted best of five among all those free products and they are:

1. Recoverit
This SD card recovery software guarantees up to 100% data recovery. You will be able to bring back deleted or lost folders due to malware attack. Even if the files are mostly images, videos, or audios, there is no boundary to retrieve lost data from corrupted or dead memory cards when you consider Recoverit.

2. Recuva
Are you looking for a trusted recovery application that can retrieve your JPG files? Recuva has got your back. Additionally, you can gain more stability with the free version of Recuva. Overall, Recuva is your safe bet when you want to retrieve lost images into their original forms.

3. DiskDrill
While scanning deleted files, deep scans are most trusted. DiskDrill serves you with a deep scan technology and it takes a few minutes to accomplish the scanning. Consider the Deep Scan option rather than the Quick one if you go for DiskDrill.

4. PhotoRec Data Recovery
This software has got tremendous success rates while recovering any types of data from storage devices like SSDs, HDDs, SD card, and USB Flash drives. That’s why PhotoRec is a recommendable name among different systems with different operating systems.

5. iCare
For iCare Data Recovery software, you can avail data recovery up to 2GB, if you opt for the free trial. According to tests, iCare has succeeded to retrieve almost ninety-per cent of lost data from corrupted SD cards. Additionally, the scanning takes a longer period of time. And, you can’t use this software on macOS.

How to Initiate the Process?

Now, the question arises on how to initiate the data recovery process. Let’s dive into the solution.

Step 1: Install the Software
1. Download the software from the website or open them online.
2. If the software is available in a downloadable form then let it get installed. Save it on your local drive.
3. Attach the SD card with your computer. Run the software.

Make sure that you should not set the software on the same drive from where you want to recover the files. Otherwise, it can make all your data get lost.

Step 2: Choose the Right Option
Once the user interface of the software opens, either select the main drive or removable disk drive for storing the recovered data. In case, you have partitioned the disk space of your SD card into two or more then you have to opt for the removable disk drive option.

Step 3: Start Scanning of the SD Card
You have already plugged in your SD card to your computer via USB cable or adapter. Check if your system can detect the SD card. Further, you should better avail Data Recovery Dubai service from UAE Data Recovery to retrieve data from damaged or corrupted SD cards.

If the system has successfully detected the SD card here’s what you need to follow, next:

1. Select the SD card whose inaccessible data you want to retrieve.
2. After selecting the right one, go for the Scan option.

Once you have turned on the Scan option, it will automatically detect all the deleted files on that particular memory card.

Step 4: Select Files to Retrieve
You will get a list of deleted files on the main panel. As you are using free software there are chances that you can recover data to some extent. That’s why you have to choose your files wisely. So, you can maintain the permitted data consignment. Check all those files and click the Save option. Those deleted files will be saved on the specified storage disk.

What if Software doesn’t Work?

Users have reported that no software worked for their SD card when the damage was too big. Don’t let the chances of recovery be null by over delaying.

Contact your nearest Data Recovery Dubai services for the best outcome. When you are going to hire specified data recovery service provider, take care of these following matters:

  • Check if they are licensed, experienced and moreover, have got success rates for recovering deleted or lost files from SD cards.
  • Make sure that they charge nominally and there are no hidden charges.
  • Go through their service and refund policies before you hand over them your important collection of data.

UAE Data Recovery fulfils all these criteria along with certified laboratories, verified professionals and full-proof data guaranteed. Your data remains confidential and highly secure when you opt for their service. Go for Data Recovery Dubai services today and prevent any kind of data loss.


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