How to take SMS Backup in Redmi Phones


You can take SMS Backup in all Xiaomi(Redmi) phones. The following steps help how to take SMS Backup in Redmi phones.

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How to take SMS Backup in Redmi Phones:

1. Go to Settings

2. Choose Additional Settings

3. Choose ‘Backup & Reset’

4. Select ‘Local Backups’

5. Click on ‘Backup’

6. Now click on arrow button besides ‘System’

7. Locate ‘Messaging’ → Select it and press ok

8. You have successfully backed up your SMS.


  1. Comment: bro please help me I am using redmi note 8 bro. 2 days before message not available. how to retrieve message.

  2. Thnks a Tonn Bro…

    I was not able to Flash my Phone from moths for a backup….

    GOOD JOB..
    Thankyou once again..


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