How to use Paytm Toll Free Number for Payment without Internet

How to use Paytm Toll Free Number

Now, you can pay using Paytm without internet. Paytm has launched a toll-free number — 1800 1800 1234 using which you can make a payment using Paytm without internet.

To get started, First you need to have a Paytm account. After having registered, you need to call the toll-free number from your mobile number registered with Paytm to set a 4-digit Paytm PIN. Once done, you can pay or transfer money using Paytm toll free number without internet. The Paytm app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Now Send Money from your Paytm Account to your Bank Account at 0% charges.

Paytm Toll Free Number for Payment without Internet

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How to Transfer Money Using Paytm Toll Free Number without Internet

How to Send Money Using Paytm without Internet

  • Call Paytm Toll-Free Number: 1800 1800 1234 from your registered paytm number
  • For first time, you will be told that you haven’t set PIN for your account. Then call will be ended.
  • The IVR then asks you to wait for a return call.
  • Choose Language by entering 1 for Hindi & 2 for English.
  • Then it lets you set a 4-digit Paytm PIN for your Paytm account.
  • Enter any four digit number.
  • Now after entering PIN, enter 1 to confirm.
  • Finally, you will be asked either to Pay someone or end call.
  • If you need to pay someone, Enter Recipient’s Mobile number, Amount and 4-digit PIN
  • Press 1 to confirm the amount.
  • Once payment done and then you & receiver will receive a message for a successful transaction.

Note: Your Paytm wallet needs to have already enough balance to successfully complete the transaction.

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Paytm Toll Free Number Pay without Internet

Q. How do I create a Paytm account on call?
A. This service is for existing Paytm Users. You can create a Paytm account by logging into or installing our Android or iOS mobile app. Alternatively, use a friend or relative’s smartphone to do the same and don’t forget to log out. You can then call us at 1800 1800 1234, set your 4 Digital Paytm PIN and send money without a smartphone or active internet connection.

Q. How to add money to my Paytm Account?
A. You can log into or install our Android or iOS mobile app. Alternatively, visit any of the 2,00,000+ cash-in points across India to instantly topup your Paytm account. To find the nearest one, use Paytm Nearby.



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