Mi 2nd Anniversary 3-Day Carnival sale on 20th – 22nd July


Xiaomi to celebrate Mi 2nd anniversary 3-Day Carnival sale on 20th – 22nd July in India.


Mi 2nd anniversary sale will have Re. 1 Flash sale, Price drops, Special bundles offers and New Mi products launch.



₹1 Flash Deals:
Jaw dropping ₹1 flash deals everyday at 2pm, from 20-22 July! Various Mi phones and popular accessories will be up for grabs in limited units. Click for details on how to get these deals!

  • July 20th @ 2Pm: 10 x Mi 5 & 100 x 20000mAh Mi Power Bank
  • July 21th @ 2PM: 10 x Redmi Note 3 & 100 x Mi Band (White LED)
  • July 22nd @ 2Pm: 10 x Mi Max & 100 x Mi Bluetooth Speaker

*Note: To be eligible for the ₹1 flash deal, click the share button and share this news to your Facebook by 19 July, 2016. If not, you won’t be able to grab the flash deals when it happens on 20 – 22 July
Tricks to buy Mi Mobiles and Accessories on ₹1 Flash Deals from Mi India (Using AutobuyClick script):

  • Login in http://mi.com/in/
  • Goto ₹1 Flash Deals sale page http://www.mi.com/in/events/2ndanniversary/
  • In Chrome browser, Right click and select Inspect element. Click on console tab.
  • Refresh the sale page when less than 1 min remaining before sale starts.
  • Paste the below code in the console tab and Press Enter.

Updated script for July 22nd @ 2Pm sale: Mi Max(10 Units)
var time=setInterval(function(){ var b=document.getElementsByTagName('a')[33].innerHTML; if(b == "Buy Now"){ document.getElementsByTagName('a')[33].click(); clearInterval(time); } else { console.log("Script Activated"); }},10);

Updated script for July 22nd @ 2Pm sale: Mi Bluetooth Speaker(100 Units)
var time=setInterval(function(){ var b=document.getElementsByTagName('a')[35].innerHTML; if(b == "Buy Now"){ document.getElementsByTagName('a')[35].click(); clearInterval(time); } else { console.log("Script Activated"); }},10);

Important: This Autobuyclick script used to automatically click on ‘Buy Now’ button, We dont guarantee 100% success rate. We recommend all to try manually if you guys think script doesn’t work or fake. If it doesn’t work it may be because of System time sync with Timer(Internet time), Internet speed and So on.

a) Update the System time with Internet time (time.nist.gov)
Click on the time on the taskbar -> Click “Change date and time settings…” -> Click “Internet Time” tab -> “Change Settings…” -> Change Server to “time.nist.gov” -> Click “Update now”
b) Make sure you have good internet speed.


Price drops:
From 20 – 22 July, Get your favourite Mi products at a discount!

  • Mi 5 now at MRP:Rs.₹24,999 ₹22,999 (The offer is only valid for Mi 5 Black & White variants)
  • buy_now

  • Mi 4 now at MRP:Rs.₹14,999 ₹10,999
  • buy_now

  • Mi Bluetooth now at MRP:₹2,699 ₹1,999(₹700 OFF)
  • buy_now

New Mi Items:(Available at 10Am Every Day)
The new Mi items you’ve been waiting for will be available everyday at 10am, from 20-22 July!

  • 10000mAh Mi Power Bank – ₹1,299
  • buy_now


  • Mi Capsule Headphones – ₹999
  • buy_now

  • Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Gold – ₹1,799
  • buy_now


Mi 2nd Anniversary Special Offers (APP ONLY):
Enjoy awesome discounts when you get your favourite Mi items in these bundles, limited to this sale only!

  • Buy Mi 5 Gold and get a Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Gold for free at ₹26,798 ₹24,999


  • Buy Mi Max with a phone case and get ₹50 off this bundle at ₹15,298 ₹15,248


  • Buy Redmi Note 3 with a phone case and get ₹100 off this bundle from ₹10,298 ₹10,198
  • Get Mi 4i with Mi USB Cable Cable + Mi USB Fan at ₹11,999


  • Get 20000mAh Mi Power Bank with either Mi LED Light Enhanced or Mi USB Fan at ₹2,199

Pair 2 Win – 14 July Onwards:
Play Pair 2 Win game on the Mi store app. There are over ₹ 1 crore worth of coupons and Mi phones waiting to be won by those who have a super memory! Download Mi Store App now.

Download Mi Store app purchases during the sale period(20-23 July) and Win Mi TV as lucky prize

Terms & Conditions:

  • You can get Mi cash coupons credited to your Mi Accounts when you play Pair 2 Win game from 14 – 19 July.
  • Coupons will expire when Mi 2nd Anniversary ends at 10pm on 22nd July so please check your Mi Accounts and remember to use the coupons.
  • You can use ONE coupon per order. (Eg, ₹500 cash coupon for one order, ₹100 cash coupon for another order, you can’t combine both.) Each Mi ID can have multiple orders.
  • Coupons are only available for accessories purchased on mi.com during the sale.
  • 1 Mi TV for a very lucky winner who purchases through the Mi Store App during 20th – 22nd July!
  • All promotions and prizes pertaining to Mi 2nd Anniversary are at Xiaomi’s sole and absolute discretion which is final and binding.


  1. Check this information guys, XIAOMI is a all-time fake/cheater company.
    Its was just a trick to fool people.
    Many of them used the script however they were still unlucky, how come 6 people ended up getting 2 product from the sale.
    All FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE. XIAOMI is a cheater company.

    I don’t trust XIAOMI anymore.


  3. Failed. Appeared to be fake. Bcoz I was quick as lighting with 4g internet. Not even in nanosecond it said sold out-impossible.
    Hats off Xiaomi for fooling.

  4. this is a complete fake sale guys, the buy now button is programmed to say “oops, sold out” , I just modified my system time to 2 pm, which has not happened yet. there system didn’t showed that there was a time error, the buy now button appeared and it said exactly the thing its saying from 2 days. “oops!, Sold Out”

  5. The countdown timer on the Mi page is always 4-5 seconds behind than the system time. I have synchronized the system time with the internet server time so many times, still there is always some difference in the timer. Can anyone help me solve this…

  6. Few claim to get, few says its fake. God knows. Still I will try.
    Game is of timer, even after updating time, different browser showed different timer with difference of 5-10seconds. Even from mobile app, i couldn’t succeed.

  7. It’s a fake sale. No one is getting anything and no one is there to claim the proof of getting. It’s only a publicity stunt of xiaomi and we all are trapped there. In this last two sales I have also used the script, hopping to get. But all in vain. In the first sale, when I refresh the page at around 1:50 pm It showed OUT OF STOCK. I was surprising.

    If anyone got. Share the proof.

    Thanks you.

  8. After buy now,it even donot say you are in queue….
    And those mi ID’s displayed as winners donot even exist…
    If they do they should display with names….
    Still now i haven’t even observed a single person claiming to get those product in flash sale on mi forum,facebook or twitter ….
    And how does flashsaletrick claims to say some of its users were succesful to get those…..

  9. This script is showing activated and now i m 200%Sure this is fake sale u will not get any coz i have opened so many tabs and each its working perfectly and but shows sold out .. EVEN IN 4G Getting speed of 18mbps then also so Its totally fake ….

  10. Today too failed. Got error message after click the buy now button by script. Admin would you please tell what would be the reason for this error?

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity)
    http://sg.a.stat.mi.com/mstr?mstpid=34a0efb4c519dda3-bac254ab9d92061f&mid=1…ry%2F&xmv=1469083433219_9018_1469087281655&v=1.4.12&vuuid=V9JBQD92IM7L1N87 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity)

  11. On 2nd day also not able to buy 🙁
    I think Xiaomi just playing with all Xiaomi fans only for publicity.
    If really the fans are getting Xiaomi products in flash deal then the Xiaomi should reveal the much more details not only by just ID infact should display the facebook profile of that lucky fans.

  12. Xiaomi just making us fool…When I was reloading the page before that time frame (before 2 PM) I noticed there was a message “Out Of Stock” coming first then the message “coming soon”.
    Even their server failed to take this much traffic…as a result u may get through this kinda error:

    “mstr:1 GET http://sg.a.stat.mi.com/mstr?mstpid=34a0efb4c519dda3-bd17c05567ea0c6c&mid=1…ry%2F&xmv=1468789664083_6192_1469089358410&v=1.4.12&vuuid=S1QGIID4ODOT44S2 503 (Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity)”

  13. can we paste both the scrips in the same console screen?
    It’s clear that Mi is doing this for fake, however they could make it like flash sale for 80% of value with interest free EMI rather than creating a fake flash sale
    e.g 10 Redmi note 3 32GB for 8500 with interest free EMI
    Why is MI making such flash sale if they cannot afford it? your marketing strategies should be realistic

  14. FlashSaleTricks
    Today record screen
    as on YouTube and in mi forum also someone revealed
    that how they cheats with public

    They made website with buy now button but message oops out of stock

    So today you check all things than exposed whatever result you get

    if anyone get product than post screenshot here or link of it

  15. One thing you can observe in winners list all the winners ID’ s are newly created Mi ID’s. Its all done by internal employees of Mi Team. They are sucking in office only.

  16. Yesterday could not succeed. I will try today also. What to do after pasting script in console & hitting ENTER. I mean close Inspect window or not ???

  17. Script was working perfect! But after clicked the “Buy Now” button by script there was an syntax error came so the item was not added in the cart.

  18. Thank you for the script but unluckily I didn’t get anything today.. let me try tommorow again. Anyway can we use both the scripts together at one tap?

  19. Yes ,
    Its Not the Fault Of Flashsaletricks
    as the quantity was very limited and the script users are more , now its not the battle for clicking the buy Now button , it now depends on internet speed also.

    hey flash sale tricks
    is there was any other page after clicking the buy now button or direct checkout from there ??

  20. bro the script didnt work pls do something else we will not be able to buy anything even tomorrow and day aftr tomorrow
    PLEASE update script to a working one pls pls pls dont want to miss tomorrow

    • As already mentioned in page this Autobuy script is to automatically click on “Buy Now” button. Again success rate depends on Internet speed and System time sync with timer page. If u guys think it doesn’t work then try manually clicking on “Buy Now” button.

  21. Hello sir, can you please update your page in which there would be detail of each and everything step by step as I was unable to buy it and many users also found it difficult to buy it. Thank you.

  22. after putting the script in console tab it is showing script is activated. My question is when the sale start at 2 pm the product will get added in to my cart automatically. or i am supposed to do any thing else.

  23. when i should press Enter after pasting the script 59 sec, or 30 sec, or 20 sec before starting the sale……..pls pls tell me sir or any friend

  24. Hi,
    Please check the script for proper working in Mi India because after first click there is a second page appears for model select and bundle offer with other products like power banks etc. in this condition the script may be fail after first click so please check Mi India minutely on the sale day and inform us before sale .



    • We will be updating autobuy script for Re.1 flash sale deals before sale starts. Follow this page for more updates on Re.1 flash sale deals.

    • We will be updating autobuy script for Re.1 flash sale deals on sale day. Follow this page for more updates on Re.1 flash sale deals.


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