Mi Diwali Sale (16-21 Oct) : ₹1 Flash Sale | Crazy Deals

Diwali with Mi | ₹1 Flash Sale | Crazy Deals | Offers on Redmi Phones & Mi Accessories
Diwali with Mi | ₹1 Flash Sale | Crazy Deals | Offers on Redmi Phones & Mi Accessories

Xiaomi to celebrate this Diwali With Mi from 16th to 21st Oct, 2020. Mi Diwali Sale 2020₹1 Flash Sale | Crazy Deals | Exciting Offers on Mi & Redmi Mobiles, Mi Accessories and more !!

Diwali with Mi | ₹1 Flash Sale | Crazy Deals | Offers on Redmi Phones & Mi Accessories
Diwali with Mi | ₹1 Flash Sale | Crazy Deals | Offers on Redmi Phones & Mi Accessories

Mark the dates for Diwali With Mi sale, 16th Oct to 21st Oct 2020. Xiaomi will reveal more discounts on Redmi phones soon. Check out all the offers on Mi India site here.


Axis Bank Card Offer

Bank of Baroda Credit Cards Offer

Bajaj Finserv Limited


  • Early access opens on 15th Oct, 12:00 hrs and ends on 23:59 hrs
  • Access is open only for Gold, Diamond and Platinum Mi VIP Club Members
  • Check this page to know your membership status https://store.mi.com/in/user/privilege/


Mi Diwali Sale Offers

Diwali With Mi – ₹ 1 Flash Sale

₹1 Flash Sale on 16th-21st Oct @ 04:00 PM. There would be limited quantities and would be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Diwali With Mi - ₹ 1 Flash Sale
Diwali With Mi – ₹ 1 Flash Sale

How to Buy Mi Products from ₹1 Flash Sale

1. Login in mi.com/in

2. Goto ₹1 Flash Sale page https://in.event.mi.com/in/diwali-with-mi-2020-sale

3. In Chrome browser, Right click and select Inspect element. Click on console tab.

4. Refresh the sale page when less than 1 min remaining before sale starts.

5. Paste the below code in the console tab and Press Enter.

₹1 Flash Sale – 21 Oct @ 4PM

Xiaomi Precision Screwdriver Kit

var time= setInterval(function(){
var a= document.getElementsByClassName('J_flashBuyBtn')[2].innerHTML;
if(a == "Buy now")
{ document.getElementsByClassName('J_flashBuyBtn')[2].click()
clearInterval(time); }
else { console.log("Script Activated"); }

Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp

var time= setInterval(function(){
var a= document.getElementsByClassName('J_flashBuyBtn')[3].innerHTML;
if(a == "Buy now")
{ document.getElementsByClassName('J_flashBuyBtn')[3].click()
clearInterval(time); }
else { console.log("Script Activated"); }

  • Select products are available to be purchased at ₹1.
  • The quantity will be limited and will be offered to participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The user can claim these products from 16th Oct – 21st Oct, 2020 at 4PM.
  • A coupon will be automatically added to their account and the order will have to be placed within 6 hours.
  • The user will then receive the product.

Diwali With Mi – PICK N’ CHOOSE

  • This Discounted Bundle Sale (“Sale”) is run by Xiaomi Technology India Private Limited (“Seller”).
  • The user has to select atleast one “Primary product” to be able to purchase any of the “Optional Products” at a discounted price.
  • Participation in the Sale is open to only those users of mi.com/in, mobile.mi.com (collectively, “Website”) and/or Mi Store India android app (“App”) who qualify as eligible Users under the Terms of Use of the Website and/or App.
  • Participation of the Users in this sale is subject to the Terms of Use of the Website and/or App.
  • Products available under this sale are limited in quantity and are given away on first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Sale will be held twice each day between 16th Oct – 21st Oct, 2020 at 10AM and 6PM as per the following schedule:
Diwali With Mi - Pick N' Choose
Diwali With Mi – Pick N’ Choose

Note: A user who successfully adds a product during this sale must complete the purchase within two (2) hours of the product being added to his/her cart, failing which the order will be automatically cancelled.


  1. Thanks Ganesh..
    By using your code, I was able to get Rs 50 coupon on 24-Oct-2018 at 10am..
    Thanks again and please post the code for today’s Rs1 flash sale

  2. hey admin
    I got to know about this script now.
    I think you have entered wrong product id. the series is 13,14,15 but you have entered 12,13,14. But make sure you have Entered Right id.

    Now, I have just one chance at 5pm, so, Pls update your script to the 5pm Products.

  3. i used ur script bro
    but ab kese pata chalega ki winner kon kon hue hai or jo log ho gae he unko cart me kaise aayega khan bro directly aajaega cart me or 2 hours me usko purchase krna pdega bro plzzz tell mee iske baad ki process

  4. Hi Flashsaletricks Team,

    Thank you for the scripts. I tried your scripts yesterday and today for all the listed devices on 1re flash sale. I got network error as well. But after closing the windows of network error, i got one Mi Band 2 Black in cart. Completed the purchase and screenshot is attached.

    Anyway, we have to understand it. Only 30 + 100 devices and lakhs of people looking to grab it. We have to expect atleast 10% using scripts as well. So i believe its definitely luck to gain one.

      • Thank you. I haven’t made any video for the same. Process was a hit or miss. Its nothing other than clicking the button on right time. It is pure luck to be the first 30/100 clicks are received at the server. A high bandwidth connection and any automated script add more value to the luck factor.

        Not sure about any other hacks as well.

        There can be many false statements about buying all the products for re1. i don’t believe it, as i couldn’t find any duplicate entries in the published list of winners available at http://c.mi.com/in/thread-37202-1-0.html. I can’t comment, if they used multiple accounts.

  5. sorry forget image
    look at this good na ? mi phone pure trick one of my frnd share the trick with me and guess what he already got 4 product in 1 rs sale and today plan for the 2 other product,… the real hacker

  6. how the script worked? please describe the process after pasting the script in console. when the timing becoming end to “0” what I will do? On that time Am I click on grab now option or other else..Please describe.URGENT

  7. dekh bhai log kisko phn nhi mila aur naa hi milta…hai….aur na hi milega..its totally fake dream to show u guies ……and play with ur feelings neveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr believe…………who says got red me 3s and 3 its totally fake big speech .They haven’t any proof …a lots of comment in section 30% people says got Mi but they haven’t proof …they are lier and fraud to drive his blog….sooo don’t upset..frnd…let it be that guies ………

  8. Oh my god frustration ha ha
    Someone said can’t believe the logic ha ha that’s I m sure u didn’t even understand 1% what I said. Let it be this way I m regular winner of MI flash sales OK. When I booked my phone today I thought would share it to everyone so that few could get mi4 as well but one guy said don’t believe this guy OK then u will never knw the trick won’t share it. Will grab mi4 as well and yes don’t waste ur time tomorrow as u knw u won’t get it. See ya
    Ja nahi dikhaya screen shot.
    Kal bhi role aa jana yaha uuuuu nahi mila phone. lol kal phir phone mera hoga

  9. Nothing worked server error have any one checked the names of people are they are from specific region as server time matters ??????????

  10. rs 1 sale is true…….
    only you want is stable fast internet and same time as that of on mi website and loads of luck

    best of luck for tommorow…….

  11. guys if anyone really got anything for 1rs sale then pls send us a snapshot of the cart or received email so that we can really believe on the mi 1rs saale… just send a screenshot pls.

    • Agreed..Can’t believe Logic said by Ashish Sharma..Timer on pc as well as mobile was different..The timer was different on my friend’s phone also..Even the time was synced..Show both proofs of the mobiles u booked yesterday and today..

  12. Ha Ha redmi note 3 booked. I wish flash sale pure mahine chalta. Tomorrow MI 4 I am coming ha ha ha. Ty Mi
    And congrats another user who got 3s prime hifi buddy. Good luck people for tomorrow.

  13. HI FLASHSALETRICK WANT TO know that if in sale buy now option or GRAB NOW OPTION THEN ALSO the script will be same ??? in tomorrow sale some get GRAB NOW AND SOME GETS BUY NOW WAITING TO GET REPLY

  14. Ok if u want to be successful u must know how to match ur speed with timings in ur phone or pc. If ur timing which is set in ur pc or phone doesn’t match Or even more or less than seconds compare to MI India server timing it doesn’t matter what script u using u can’t add the product.
    Ab to samajh Jao bhai log. Meine bas apna logic Lagaye kam Kar gaya.

  15. Well u need to understand lacks of people using such kind of scripts. All of them can’t add pro successfully. I can’t reveal exact method as I will lose my chances. As u guys knw I got mi3s prime in my cart. I can give u a hint method actually works but u need to beat the timing as simple as that. Can’t say much more. Also need one additional app. I am dam 100% sure I am going to get another two phones that is mi3 note and mi4 on 18th and 19th. Good luck to everyone.

  16. Hip Hip hurry I successfully added MI 3 today in flash sale woooohooooo I couldn’t believe it got added in my cart successfully I checked price 10 times to make sure it’s only rs1 yes it’s only made my payment. Got order confirmation with congratulations email. Oho yes Happy Diwali people. Going to get another phone tomorrow sale. Now I learnt the exact method to add product successfully. Thank you MI.

    • Plz , reply how you have done the same.
      when i tried to copy the script, at that time site was crashed ,
      plz forward and do the needful for next day offer

  17. Nothing happened when i added your extension and the click started to run and it showed out of stock

    Any other working scripts for tomorrow to try?

  18. Script did not work. the grab now button remained standstill .
    although your scripts worked for 10 am sale, I doubt what was the issue for Re 1 Sale.
    Better Luck Tomorrow

  19. I have registered with mi website. Now on 17, will Crome browser console where we will paste the code will automatically lead to MI website and buy for us ??

  20. you guys are awewsome.i used ur trick to buy lenovo a6000 on its flash sale and i got it thanks.and may i know if ur chrome extension can be used to buy for mi diwali sale??if yes please tell the steps.thanks

  21. On Mi 2nd Anniversary Sale
    i have followed steps of You
    having super fast broadband connection

    You failed (tips and tricks)

    this time
    come with working trick

    • Our script worked for Mi 2nd anniversary sale, there was huge demand with less stock. So only few were able to grab on Re.1 flash sale. Stay tuned with us we will update script on sale day !!


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