Xiaomi Headphone Guide: Mi Sport Bluetooth Ear-Hook Headphones

All New Mi Bluetooth Headphone
All New Mi Bluetooth Headphone

Xiaomi’s new Mi Bluetooth headphone are hitting the shelves soon. Specially designed for sports enthusiasts, they have a comfortable ear-hook design, waterproof and anti-sweat material, and can last for 7 hours.

Mi Bluetooth Headphone – New Mi Sport Ear Hook Headphone

The headphones weigh only 17.8 grams and fit well in the ears. Ear-tips come in 5 different sizes for better comfort during fitness activities.

Mi Bluetooth Sport Ear Hook Headphone

Ear hooks are soft and flexible. They do not cause pain if wearing them a lot. The caps have a scratch-resistant metal texture. The left and right earpieces are connected by a wire that goes behind wearer’s neck and does not disturb in training.
Mi Sport headphones work on Bluetooth 4.1 and let to listen to music or talk hands-free. The headset can work at a range up to 10 meters.

Mi Bluetooth Sport Ear Hook Headphone

Xiaomi works with the most sought after designers in the world, that are capable of transforming a chunk of metal and glass into devices that are not just phones or tablets or laptops but works of art. Even standard ear-sets that come with these gadgets are much elaborated and as result well-fitting, qualitative sound-wise and just pleasant to wear for any length of time.

mi sport headphone

Mi Bluetooth Headphone – Key characteristics:

Weight: 17.8 gram
Color: white / black
Sleep mode: 280 hours
Speak mode: 7 hours
Device to headphone distance: 10 meters
Connection: Bluetooth 4.1
Bluetooth protocol: HFP / A2DP / HSP / AVRCP
Supply includes: Bluetooth-headphones, 5 pairs of silicone ear-tips, charging cable


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