MIUI 7 – Interesting features of Xiaomi Custom ROM

MIUI 7 Features
MIUI 7 Features

Following the kick start of Xiaomi Mi tutorial/article series, we continue to post articles that would give you heads up on interesting stuffs about Xiaomi Mi.

xiaomi mi miui 7

In this article, we are going to see some exciting features of Xiaomi’s Android-based custom operating system –MIUI 7 running on most Xiaomi devices at present..!!

So guys let’s get started to know some of cool features that are available in MIUI 7.

Interesting MIUI 7 features

Notification blocking in notification shade

An all new feature that has appeared in MIUI 7 is the ability to block certain app’s unwanted notifications from the status bar/notification panel using new icon in the notification panel.

features of miui 7
MIUI 7 notification blocking
best features of miui 7
MIUI 7 notification shade

3_Notification shade_MIUI7

Redesigned App icons

MIUI 7 may seem to be the same with MIUI 6 at first glance, but there’re many changes in details if you see carefully. One of them is app icons changes. MIUI designers have modified several apps’ icons to make them look better in MIUI 7.

Redesigned App Icon_MIUI7
MIUI 7 Redesigned App Icons

Changes in brightness adjust method

You guys can notice that when you’re adjusting the brightness from the notification bar, instead of showing the difference of brightness from the notification bar, MIUI 7 hides the Notification shade. The brightness that you’re controlling will be shown from the page that you’re actually viewing. This shows the real time effect when you’re controlling the brightness of your screen. The notification bar will then pop out again after you move your finger from the screen.

Changes in brightness_MIUI7_1

Shading of Icon’s Words to Increase Contrast

When you apply bright/dark wallpaper, it is hard to read the words under the icons. It means in higher intensity of bright or dark colour wallpapers, the contrast between the wordings and wallpaper will actually higher, thanks to the shading effect.

Features of miui 7

Auto DND – Do Not Disturb

In MIUI 7, When DND mode is enabled, the phone will not ring or vibrate and phone screen will not light up when you received messages or phone calls.

It allow users to set scheduled DND, and integrate the DND with Mi band sleep cycle. Thus, when you’re asleep with the Mi band on your wrist, the DND mode will automatically switch on. If you wake up an hour before the set “Turn off DND” time, the phone will automatically switch off the DND mode. Isn’t that convenient right?

MIUI 7 Auto Do Not Disturb
MIUI 7 Auto – Do Not Disturb

Real Time Changes in Changing Font Size

MIUI 7 meticulously show the real time changes in font size when you’re trying the change it. This gives you a heads up on what will happen to your device when you’re trying to change fonts. The real time changes can be viewed on both home screen and contact list. So now, there is no need to change fonts, exit to home screen, and change fonts again until you’re satisfied.

Real Time Changes in Changing Font Size_MIUI7_1 Real Time Changes in Changing Font Size_MIUI7_2 Real Time Changes in Changing Font Size_MIUI7_3

Clearer Calling Page

MIUI 7 further improved the calling page by removing the shadow effect from the caller keyboard. With this new design, the material design of caller image and keyboard will provide more contrast and better view.

Clearer Calling Page_MIUI7

So these are some of the features MIUI 7 incorporated but that’s not all over, we do keep you updated about new stuffs and tips. Keep watching !!..



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