All About MIUI 8 – Exciting New Features!!!

MIUI 8 features
MIUI 8 features

Interesting and Cool Features of MIUI 8

Yet another new article in the Mi Tips and Tricks Series. This time, we will see the new cool miui 8 features. What are all the awesome new changes in the new Xiaomi’s official ROM? Let us take a look.
Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 comes with several performance tweaks, enhancements, bug fixes, and of course cool new features. It is basically a major update after several minor updates of MIUI7 have been released. According on Lei Jun’s explanation during the May 10 2016 event, not only new cool apps included within the new MIUI version but also enhanced user interface design. Let’s take new Notification Bar  feature for example. Xiaomi has designed Notification Bar on MIUI 8 to have an environmental status theme with distinctive color. Well, let’s cut long story short and just go with the list of its awesomeness

Here are the some of the best MIUI 8 features 🙂

Power saving mode

Xiaomi has planted new power management feature allowing its users to freeze unnecessary apps running in the background. This ability will also manage to suspend active sync activities, updates checker and background tasks.

MIUI 8 Features

Intelligent Chain Start-ups Detection

This special feature is really unique to MIUI 8. Some apps established chained apps (starting chained new services) and this intelligent feature will prevent such thins happen. It means, unnecessary app will be able to be identified before hand and stopped. Consequently, it will boost overall system performance.

MIUI 8 Features

Multi-window Management

Newly designed interface to manage several running windows on your phone. Just see it at the picture above. It is cool isn’t it?

MIUI 8 Features
MIUI 8 Features

Fraud Message Detector

Have a more convenient life with your phone running MIUI 8. Thanks to its smart system to recognize fraud and scam messages. The technology works by analyzing the chip level and the base station identification information as well as the big data. Nowadays in many tech-developing countries, fraud messages phenomena have become common. Hence, it will be a life-saver having such feature on your phone.

MIUI 8 Features

New Notes App 

It now has more intuitive and sleek user interface design. Featuring passcode and fingerprint security mechanism, users can conveniently compose private / secret notes with no worries.

MIUI 8 Feature-Mi-Notes-Ecurity-App
MIUI 8 Features

Smarter Calculator App

It’s not just a simple calculator app now. It can also do many conversion tasks including currencies converter as well as Celcius to Fahrenheit degree conversion, even calculation of mortgage, tax, and provident fund. How cool is that?

MIUI 8 Feature-New-Calculator-App
MIUI 8 Features

New Scanner App

This app can not only read but also generate QRCode easily. The produced QRCode is compatible to use at Wechat wallet and Alipay.


Intelligent Snap and Shop

Just snap any product you want and the technology will suggest you similar items available on major shopping portals.


Snap and Calculate

Another smart feature of MIUI 8 camera where you can snap a picture of Mathematics problems and the system will do the math for you. Nevertheless, it is currently available for Chinese Math tasks only.


Many Cool Features on Gallery

Users can now swipe up to share photos to their friends. Moreover, there is a cool photo editor features users can try before sharing the photos. Just tap on it to launch the photo editor.


Cool Doodles and Stickers

Create cute photos by adding cool doodles on them. Many creative ones to choose. Be inspirative by exploring all of available stickers as well.


Inspiring Video Editor

Edit the video you have captured using its built-in video editor feature. Use any cool filters, add captions, crop video size, add some music, etc.


Wallpaper Carousel

Browse over 12 categories of daily creative lockscreen images from over 50 media partners in very intuitive way. Xiaomi has also plan to update the collection with high quality images to add.


Redesigned Fonts

Using unique custom fonts can add uniqueness and increase brand awareness. Therefore, as Xiaomi strives to bring highest quality products to the customers, new fonts style has been added. Meet Mi Lanting, the newly designed MIUI fonts with ability to make users comfortable after staring on phone’s screen display for up to 6 hours.


Eve More Eye-catching UI Design

MIUI 8 will defy the image that its design resembles Apple iOS. That has been proven by its sleek user interface. Yet, unlike iOS, the color scheme can also automatically change according on the weather.


Smart Cloud Storage Technology

Most people use their smartphone to take pictures. Nowadays, when selfie becomes a really huge trend, storage could be the issue. Having that in mind, Xiaomi has designed a new mechanism allowing users to save storage space. On MIUI 8, the system will upload the pictures to the cloud whereas high-quality thumbnails are kept in phone’s storage. This mechanism is said capable to save 90% of the album space.

Scrolling Screen Capture

While normal screen capture method will only create screenshot of visible page, this new feature will take full page (a website for instance), from the top part to the bottom part.


Efficient Assistive Touch

Assistive touch is an app similar which to what iOS has. MIUI8 planted this feature on its system but this one is called as the Suspension Ball. Basically, it contains several necessary shortcut replacing actual buttons. Users can power off, lockscreen, go back, and reveal options through this ball.

MIUI 8 Feature-Assistive-Touch
MIUI 8 Features

Users-oriented System

Just like on your PC. When you create a guest account then that user’s account will have different  interface, settings and even apps. The super user will have ability to restrict certain parts of the phone to be accessible by guest account.

Is that all? Obviously not. We will keep you updated about all the new features of MIUI 8 in upcoming posts!!!..


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