Quick Ball Feature in MIUI 8 – Everything You Need To Know

MIUI 8 Quick Ball
MIUI 8 Quick Ball

Hello Everyone!!!..Welcome to another post in MI tips and tricks series. This post is all about a cool new feature called Quick Ball in MIUI 8. MIUI 8 is the new version of custom android released by Xiaomi recently. Let us look at what MIUI 8 Quick Ball feature is, how to enable the feature in MIUI 8 settings and how it can speed up your actions in Xiaomi MIUI 8.

What exactly is Quick Ball?

MIUI 8 Quick Ball
MIUI 8 Quick Ball

Quick Ball in simple words is a touch assistant with combination of five unique shortcuts (helps to do quick functions and tasks easily) that even users can customize also. Quick Ball is aimed to give users quick and easy access to shortcuts and apps they use frequently. Quick ball can be placed anywhere on the screen and can also be accessed in lockscreen as well.

For those who like moving from one app to other app, this will give you new way to achieve that. Instead using menu button, you could use MIUI 8 new feature, Quick Ball  in effective fashion!!!

How to turn Quick Ball Feature On?

Lets see how to do it by following steps.

  1. Launch “Settings” from App drawer in Xiaomi smartphone.
  2. Click “Additional Settings” option from “Settings”.
  3. Quick Ball feature can be found after tapping “Additional Settings”.
  4. Just click and tap on to enable Quick Ball.

That’s it. Now you’re done.


MI_Additional Settings


MI_Quick Ball_Additional_Settings





How to set Quick Ball shortcut settings?

  1. Once you turn on Quick Ball, “Select shortcuts” can be found below that.
  2. Just tap on it, you can see five default shortcuts options.
  3. Either you can set the same shortcuts or customize that as per your need like keeping any app as a shortcut.
  4. To keep any app say Whatsapp,Facebook as shortcut, click “Apps” from “Select shortcuts”.
  5. Select whatever app you want to keep as shortcut, In this post Whatsapp and Facebook selected.









How to set preferred Quick Ball gesture?

  1. Even you can choose Quick Ball gesture either swipe or tap by selecting “preferred gesture”.
  2. Preferred gesture allows you to set how to work either by swiping Quick Ball or tapping it.
  3. In this case, tapping is selected.

MI_QuickBall_Preferred Gesture



Furthermore you can use Quick Ball though phone is locked

  1. For that, Just tap on “Show on Lockscreen” option. Now you can use it.



That’s it. Hope you can use quick ball feature more effectively. Thanks for reading!!!.. Please do subscribe and stay updated. Kindly share your comments and feedback. 🙂



  1. But the app’s still requires password to be entered when the screen locked. Is there a way, I can disable password for the chosen apps on quick ball?


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