A Complete Walkthrough on OnionCry Chatbot


OnionCryIndia Chat Bot (http://m.me/onioncryindia) – A chatbot for offers, deals and coupons. OnionCryIndia Chat Bot is a shopping chatbot using the Artificial Intelligence engine api.ai for the Facebook Messenger app. The chatbot uses normal conversation to assist in the shopping experience.

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What is Chatbot?

  • Once, a messenger app did just that – message. But with the rise of artificial intelligence, tech companies are falling over themselves to prove how much more useful and interactive their apps can be – which is why you’re about to see an explosion of “bots”.
  • The Chatbots provides 24/7 Customer Support

Link: OnionCryIndia Chatbot – https://m.me/onioncryindia

Step 1 : Click “Get Started”

Step 2 : Greetings from OnionCry

Step 3 : DOD

Deal of the Day – It shows daily updated deals from Flipkart.

Step 4 : Categories

Choose your ‘Categories’

Categories like

  • Mobiles & Tablets
  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • TV & Appliances

Step 5 : Coupons

Type your Desired Store Name like Firstcry, Myntra, Dominos, Paytm and more

Step 6 : Mobiles & Tablets

If you choose ‘Mobiles & Tablets’ get following list of sub-categories:

  • Mobile Devices (Choose brand like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and more)
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Tablet Devices (Choose brand like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and more)
  • Tablet Accessories

Step 7 : Fashion

If you choose ‘Fashion’ get following list of sub-categories:

  • Men (Men’s Clothing, Men’s Footwear)
  • Women (Women’s Clothing, Women’s Footwear)
  • Kid’s (Kid’s Clothing, Kid’s Footwear)

Step 8 : Electronics

If you choose ‘Electronics’ get following list of sub-categories:

  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Desktops
  • Storage
  • Computer Components
  • Smart Wearable

Step 9 : TV & Appliances

If you choose ‘TV & Appliances’ get following list of sub-categories:

  • TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • AC
  • Ovens
  • Kitchen Appliances

Step 10 : General Keywords

  • Menu – Display Main Menu with DOD, Categories and Coupons
  • Category – Display the Categories like Mobiles & Tablet, Fashion, Electronics and TVs & Appliances
  • Other Keywords like Mobiles, Fashion, Electronics
  • Also you can type Show Apple Laptops, Show Samsung Mobiles, Show Lenovo Mobiles etc


OnionCryIndia Chatbot is designed to explore latest deals, offers and coupons. Provide your valuable Feedback and Comments. Also let us know features you are looking forward in future on OnionCryIndia Chatbot.


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