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ShopClues here came up with an Offer where you can win special Shopclues Voucher by just playing a game.You can use that voucher on the special sale which will be held on 19th January & will run till 26th January. Hurry Up , Play Game & Win Free Vouchers.

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How to Play

1. Register / Login into ShopClues account.
2. Visit ShopClues 2nd Anniversary Sale page | Offer Page.
3. Start the game (& time will begin). Each level is for 30 seconds.
4. Click/Tap to catch the falling products before they hit the ground.
5. The Game has 5 Levels. The more levels you complete, the bigger will be your discount coupon.

Tricks Added : How to Win Rs 250 off on Rs 400 Shopclues Voucher

Shopclues Game Winning Trick (FOR PC Users):
1. Go to Game Page
2. Click on Play Game and Lose Level 1.
3. Right click and Select Inspect.
4. Now Find “Gaame Panel” & Under That “gContainer” and Under that “Timer” option will be there.
5. Now in the time section you’ll see few “30000ms” .. So change 1st one to “3ms” and click “Play Again”
6. Now you’ll win that level and New “30000ms” line will be added and now change that to “3ms” and click “Go to next Round”
7. Everytime you win a level .. “30000ms” new line will be added so edit that to 3ms.. each time..
8. You’ll win all 5 level by Just “Changing time” & Clicking “Go to Next Round”.

Shopclues Game Winning Trick (FOR Mobile Users):
1. Use UC Mobile Browser and Play the Game, You will win all levels without doing anything.


Winner’s Treat
All the winners will get coupons on 18th Jan 2017 which can be redeemed during the sale from 19th Jan to 26th Jan 2017. Coupons will be sent to your registered email IDs.

Terms and Conditions

  • This Contest pertains to the Crazy Catcher game (hereinafter referred to as “Game”) during 14th – 17th Jan 2017 on Applicable to Indian nationals and of 18 years and above.

Contest details and Eligibility:

  • Any registered customer on (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) who has logged in on is eligible to participate in the contest.

Following are the rules for the Game:

  • The game consists of 5 levels. Each level is of 30 seconds.
  • Under each level, Participant needs to catch the falling products before they touch the ground. To Catch the products, Participant needs to Click/Tap on the product icons..Participant has to complete at least one level to be eligible for the discount coupon. The value of Participant discount coupon increases with each successful level.
  • Participant can play multiple times from 14 – 17 January, 2017.
  • If the Participant fails at any level, the game will restart from Level 1.
  • Only one discount coupon will be given per registered user as reward.
  • The discount coupons to all the winners will be sent to their registered email ID on 18 Jan 2017
  • You can avail the discount coupon during “ShopClues 5 Ka Punch Sale” during 19th Jan 2017 to 26th Jan 2017
  • You can play the game only on Mobile Site and Desktop site. Offer is not valid on ShopClues App.

How to win the discount coupon?

  • The value of your discount coupon increases with each successful level. So, the more levels you complete, the higher discount coupon you get.
  • Level Coupon Minimum Purchase
    1 Flat Rs.25 Off – Rs.400
    2 Flat Rs.75 Off – Rs.400
    3 Flat Rs.150 Off – Rs.400
    4 Flat Rs.200 Off – Rs.400
    5 Flat Rs.250 Off – Rs.400

  • The discount coupon is valid only on Prepaid Orders. COD orders are not eligible for this offer.
  • Applicability of the above written contest as provided under this promotion is subject to terms and conditions, including Policies displayed on

General Terms and Conditions

  • ShopClues reserves the right to cancel an order under the cancellation Policy as displayed on and all the rights granted to the customer under this offer stands rescinded, provided the customer places a fresh order within the validity of the offer ( i.e the 5 ka Punch sale offer ). Also this offer is not valid in case of cancellation of the order by the customer
  • Shipping fees will be charged over and above the price of the product. Discount will not be applicable on the shipping fees.
  • Returns would be accepted as a part of this promotion as per Shopclues Return Policy.
  • A registered user is a customer with a valid ShopClues account.
  • This offer is non-transferable to any other user.
  • This offer is not extendable and non-negotiable.
  • All valid spends / transactions will be eligible for the offer. ShopClues will not be responsible for invalid transactions.
  • ShopClues is not responsible for, or liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses that a user may suffer, sustain or incur due to the offer.
  • ShopClues reserves the right at any time, without prior notice to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or any of these Terms and Conditions or to replace it as a whole or in part, the above offer by another offer whether similar to above or not, or to withdraw it altogether.
  • ShopClues employee(s) is not eligible for any discount coupons under this game.
  • In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any brochures, marketing or promotional materials relating to the promotion, these Terms and Conditions shall be abiding.
  • All decisions by ShopClues regarding selection of the eligible users shall be final and binding. No correspondence/grievances will be entertained in this connection.
  • Any disputes arising out of this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts in the city of Gurgaon /Gurugram (India).


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