Solution for Mismatched Contacts on Mi/Redmi Phones


In recent days, you must have came across an issue where contacts data was getting mismatched, resulting in wrong info for random contacts. The search for the root cause points towards some third-party applications for their app and services beneath.

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Solution for Mismatched Contacts:

1. Download the APK provided below, install and give necessary permissions.

Download Link:

2. Open the app and press ‘Check’

3. If wrong data gets found, press ‘Correct’ to fix it.

Note: If for some reason the above solution doesn’t work, try the alternate solution for whatsapp or Truecaller

Alternate Solution:

  • Backup data of WhatsApp (Whatsapp – setting – chats – backup)
  • Uninstall Whatsapp, reinstall Whatsapp
  • If the issue occurs again then as a temporary solution, go to phone setting – sync – disable Whatsapp sync
  • Repeat for Truecaller with similar steps of reinstallation


  • This will only check for wrong contacts from Whatsapp and Truecaller. Don’t worry, your Local, Google or Mi contacts database won’t get affected.
  • It will delete the wrong data created by Whatsapp or Truecaller and will also help with linked and duplicated contacts. Truecaller might try to “delete” and “Sync” again in Truecaller account database, the exact reason is unknown for that app behavior
  • Till now as we know, the issue persists almost for all major OEM devices.
  • This is only a temporary solution, we are still working on it, and we already have contacted Android and Whatsapp regarding this problem to help fix the issue.



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