Things you should know about OnePlus 3T


I’ve had a chance to review this beast called OnePlus 3T. It’s an awesome feeling to hold OnePlus 3T in hands. I’ve done an in-depth review about this new 6GB smartphone. Now let’s summarize the pros and cons.

OnePlus 3T Video Review

Let’s look at some of the Pros of OnePlus 3T

The first noticeable thing is the Dash Charge. You will notice the difference at once when you use it, as OnePlus 3T charges really faster on dash charging. The next thing is the fingerprint scanner. The Blink of Eye Fingerprint is super cool. The unibody design feels great when you hold it in your hands.

OnePlus 3T comes with USB Type C cable. So it doesn’t matter how you plug your phone, it always charges (unlike the micro usb). The visibility of the screen on outdoors and during direct sunlight is impressive. The primary will give you a WOW factor when you start clicking images.

Even though OnePlus 3T has 3.5 mm jack, it still feels thin. Even with such a heavy spec (6GB RAM  – Check out Best 6GB RAM Smartphones), the smartphone still feels light on hands. And one of the very important factors is that, even after some heavy gaming/music/browsing, the heating issue is not there and performance of oneplus 3t is smoother!

The custom built Oxygen OS is really cool and has lots of customisation. The audio quality is also very good and the the speaker is loud enough to get past the external noises/disturbances. Packed with the latest software and hardware, OnePlus 3T is a great value for money!

OnePlus 3T Review In Short:

  1. First thing is the Dash Charge. ( really fast )
  2. Blink of Eye Fingerprint
  3. Mind Blowing Design
  4. USB Type C ( doesn’t matter how you Plug your phone , it always charges )
  5. Visiblity ( really great in Sun/outdoors )
  6. One of the Customizable OS (OxygenOs )
  7. Price tag ( great buy for money )
  8. Camera is WoW (both)
  9. Has 3.5 mm jack and still incredibly THIN
  10. No heating
  11. Gives Awesome Output Audio
  12. Latest Software and almost latest Hardware
  13. Fast , Quick , No lag ( has 6gb Ram so it says for itself )
  14. Lightweight
  15. Excellent response for TOUCH

Lets Look at some of the Cons of OnePlus 3T:

For a smartphone with such a monstrous specs and heavy hardware, the 4000mAh batters doesn’t seem to be enough. The volume and power buttons are at the opposite sides and some of the smartphone users would like that to be at one side.

One major factor is the USB Type C cable. Even though it’s a great thing to have a new technology, you always have to carry your own charger to fit in! Even though the secondary camera comes with 16MP, it still is not that impressive. You can kiss bye to your external storage. The smartphone comes only with internal storage, but then for some of us, it should be more than enough!.

OnePlus 3T Review In Short:

  1. Battery Should have more capacity (4000mAH )
  2. Volume and Power button are Awkward Position ( Opposite side makes it trouble to use them )
  3. USB Type C is not that popular so you have to carry your OWN cord for TRANSFERRING things
  4. Front Camera not that Impressive ( although its 16mp )
  5. Everything is Located at Bottom ( Speaker , microphone , 3.5mm jack ,  Charging Port ). Makes phone crowded at bottom and clean at ToP
  6. Say GoodBye to External Storage Card ( No Sd Card , no expandable storage )

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