Buy Huawei Honor Bee Mobile for Re. 1 – First 50 Orders


Tricks to Buy Honor Selfie Stick for Re. 1 from Honor Flash Sale
Honor is offering Huawei Honor Bee Mobile Rs. 1 for all registered users of This offer is valid only for first 50 orders everyday from 8th – 10th April 2016 everyday at 11:00 am.
They are giving this in the form a promotional event “The Honor Bee Rush Buy” . This promotional event is based on a first-come, first-served basis. So what are you waiting for?? Rush and get your mobile for Rs. 1 on the event dates. #Be the 1 to get Bee at 1.

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Tricks to buy Honor Bee Re.1 on flash sale from Honor India (Using Autobuy script):

Updated script for Honor Bee Re.1 sale @ 11Am 10 April:
setInterval(function(){ var m=Math.floor((new Date).getTime()/1000); if(m == '1460266200') { document.getElementsByTagName('a')[11].click(); } else { console.log("Script Activated..."); } },10);


setInterval(function(){ $('.btn-primary').trigger('click'); console.log(' Script activated '); },10);

*Note:Need to click on ‘Place Order’ button to confirm order.

How to get Huawei Honor Bee Mobile for Rs. 1 (First 50 orders – from 8th – 10th April 2016)

  • Visit Hihonor store now
  • Sign Up with your details
  • Visit Honor Bee sale page.
  • Click on Buy Now button and Add mobile to cart (8th – 10th April 2016 everyday @ 11:00 am)
  • Update your shipping details
  • If you are among the first 50 orders you will get it for Rs. 1
  • Pay the amount (COD not supported)

Terms And Conditions

  • The Honor Bee Rush Buy promotional event will commence on 8th – 10th April 2016 everyday at 11:00 am and the same is being conducted by Vision Distribution Pvt. Ltd. (“Vision”).
  • This promotional event is open to all registered users who are residents of India and aged 18+ years.
  • This promotional event is based on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Offer valid while stocks last.
  • For every purchase order, customers are allowed only one unit per each color.
    Multiple orders are not allowed.
  • All customers are required to fill in their shipping address in order to complete the purchase. In case of pincode not supported areas, customers are requested to fill in alternative address for shipping the product.
  • To confirm order(s), customers must make FULL payment within 72 Hours. Order(s) without FULL payment made shall be cancelled automatically after 72 hours.
  • COD payment method is not supported for this promotional event.

For full terms and conditions, Visit here



  1. I tried to place the order for Honor Bee when the sale was on but it was out of stock. I called their customer care and they said all 50 got sold out in less than a second. This is insane, they are trying to fool people.

  2. Code worked really well. But before I could fill in my address the phone went out of stock. Im a pretty fast typer,yet I lost it. They did not allow us to add the phone in our cart. Damn it Honor

    • There is no error like wht mentioned, do refer

      Alternate script : setInterval(function(){ $('.btn-primary').trigger('click'); console.log(' Script activated '); },10);

      • yes I know. But I think this error is preventing the script to work. When I run the script the timer starts but nothing happens.

        • Our script works, it will click on ‘Buy Now’ button @ 11Am exactly. U just need to click on ‘Place Order’ button to confirm order.

  3. After I clicked the Buy Button, It went straight to the shipping information section but after i entered the shipping information it displayed as “Out of stock” 🙁

    • Script worked, it clicked ‘Buy now’ button. But when click on ‘Place order’ it says out of stock. It seems fake sale.

  4. thanks for the instructions bro but this sale is fake af coz i clicked place order at around 10 seconds past 11:00 :00 and still it showed out of stock ..they are making fool out of Indians .. Still i appreciate your efforts bro..

    • my address and everything was there it simply said out of stock after 30 seconds of the time taken for the page to load

        • well can u add in script to buy click the place order again ?? and can we add the saved address via script ?? dunno just asking if u can we can try again tomm … even tho we all feel its fake … :/

  5. script didnt work for me …please explain how to make it work correctly and add the product to the cart in time..please help..ty


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