Buy LeEco Le 1s on open sale from Flipkart

leeco le1s - best smartphone in 2016
leeco le1s - best smartphone in 2016

LeEco Le 1s available on open sale from 07 April in flipkart. No Registrations required. Limited Stocks !!
Tricks to buy LeEco Le 2 on flash sale from flipkart
Tricks to buy LeEco Le 2 on flash sale from flipkart
LeEco Le 1s is back on sale on Flipkart,Registration free. Both Gold and Silver color variants are available. Grab before it goes out of stock.

LeEco (formally LeTV) has officially entered the Indian market by launching the LeEco Superphones Le 1s and Le Max at an event held in New Delhi, India.
Tricks to buy Le 1s Eco on flash sale from flipkart
How to buy LeEco Le 1s from flipkart on open sale:
1. Login/Register into Flipkart application
2. Visit LeEco Le 1s Sale page
3. Add Product To Cart (Addititonal 5% off on purchase with Debit or Credit cards)
4. Update Shipping Details
5. Complete Your Order

LeEco Le 1s Mobile Accessories
Le1s_Mobile_Accessories Le1s_Mobile_Accessories_01 Le1s_Mobile_Accessories_02 Le1s_Mobile_Accessories_03

LeEco Le 1s (Silver) Specifications:

  • 5.5-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels) IPS Display
  • 2.2 GHz Octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 Processor
  • Dual Standby Sim (LTE + LTE)
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Memory
  • 13 MP Primary Camera, 5 MP Secondary Camera
  • 4G LTE
  • Android V5(Lollipop)
  • 3000 mAh Lithium-ion battery



  1. Plz inform me about next flash sale of leEco 1s . I’m already using le1s the set performance is very good my brother want to le1s. please inform next flash sale.

  2. you will letv 1 next sale because thursday the xiimi redmi note 3 rilig

    So hurry up will next sale

    me and my friends will take letv 1s mobile

  3. It still shows out of stock. I dont think that the information u r providing that le eco open sale on 29 feb at 12:00 am is right.
    Bcoz i checked and there is nothing.

  4. I am trying for this mobile (le eco 1s silver) From 3 days bt it still out of stock

    I just want this mobile as soon as so plzz tell me that when it will be available next plzz notify me date or time

  5. sir ,, I’m trying from last 3 sells bt still not getting letv le 1s. plz help me out for that, my contact no. is. 8673883336

  6. Hi u know that how many of them registered the mobile in flash sale …. but u put the less amount mobile in open sale ..always out of stock ..plz put the mobile stock atleast
    1 day in next sale otherwise plz dnt put that mobile for sale. . .lot of peoples disappointment ur sale 2day including me also ….plz dnt do that in ur next sale

  7. Am trying to bye this mobile from first flash sale but i was not able to do it in any of the flash sale. I was very happy that today is reg free and i was waiting for this from 7 clock and i added it in my cart also but still it want out of stock what the hell is this started the sale by 8am and it became out of stock by 8.10 am tired of it plzzz tem me when it will be available in stock again plzzzzzzzz ????????

  8. people should boycot such sales, when they dont have stocks why they keep such sales. ask them to share the despatch details? just creating a hype for a non existant product and wasting our time. Earlier apple used this strategy, now all follow the same, without stocks they commit 70000 odd phones in 1 second out of stock. bull shit. its impossible…

    • You can keep checking your cart. You may if somebody cancel their order or something. Happened with me at 2nd flash sale.. Good luck. Its a vary good phone.

  9. i missed every sales le 1s and i am feel very sad so tell me sir next sale opening date and time plz plz plz plz…………………………………


  11. Hlow sir next sale 25 Feb ? Really means next sale is a open sale btt flipkart is status this mobile is out off stock !
    And next sale which one colours available silver or gold?

  12. Thank you so much! I followed your instructions to the ‘t’ though i am quite an ignoramus in such things and was able to buy the Le 1S. My gratitude to you for your help.

    Best wishes to you


  13. I did as per the instruction… refreshed exactly when counter is at 00:01:00 .. It says Item added successfully in background and View cart is also seen, but page is still “loading”..
    Cart page is not coming yet… it is now 12:13pm…
    Advice please …

  14. I got this phone using this extension but remember friend before flash sale set your PC date and time correctly to buyin flash sale and regarding letv le1 phone is good but battery bacjup is poor rest all function is dam good, guys do try the remote control app which preinstall, it actually works

  15. Feeling Proud when i told all my friends about your website and your trick nd shown your video.

    we seated togather nd we reloaded togather and we didn’t click togather as it was automatically added in the cart like the magic and felt happiness togther..

    Greatwork Man…keep it up……

    You are gaining so much respect and the blessing of the happy souls…. keep it up brother….

    THANK YOU… πŸ™‚

  16. i think it will not work on 16th feb sale because when i click on the le1s sale from your extension it redirects me to gold version of le1s but on 16th feb the flash sale will be of silver one which is on other page so kindly update your program

  17. I have purchsed using Chorome Extension .Thaks a lot for your tricks.I placed COD to place order.I will get delivery Feb17….Thanks a lot…

  18. A million thanks to all the members of Flashsaletricks team.

    I am finally able to grab the phone this time and i am very happy, its just because of your chrome extension i was able to purchase the phone.

    Now eagerly waiting for the phone to arrive.

    Will be posting more once the phone arrives

  19. Thanks a lot to you guyssss, because of you many people were able to add the product to their cart, which wouldn’t be possible without your extension, thanks guys, keep it up… i bought one , my friend bought one first within that 5 limit sale, then he again got the mail of flipkart saying that le 1s has been added to his cart, he again went to the cart and he got one more le 1s, that’s how it happened with him and that’s how he grabbed 2 le 1s and i grabbed 1.


  20. wolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Thank you very much for this wonderfull trick, tried on 2nd feb failed, today I knew same think would happen, luckily i searched for flash sell trick and guess what IT WORKEDDDD
    I tried card payment from axis for 10% cash back but it didn’t work, transaction failed all the time but got COD very happy

  21. Awesome plugin!!! Great job team πŸ™‚
    Guys who was not able to place order even after getting phone into your cart, TRY NOW.
    Now we are able to place order from the cart which had “Out of Stock” tag earlier today.
    Even I got the same message, but able to place order successfully now.

  22. Thanks a billion FlashSaleTricks….! It worked perfectly well on 3 laptops…… You are rocking super star…… Keep up the excellent work FlashSaleTricks.. πŸ™‚

  23. ========THANK YOU VERY MUCH=========== ………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    I think this is the best and easiest way to get the phone

    >>First time, on feb 2nd, I tried manually though I know about several tricks, but I failed to order, as I didn’t expect that flash sale that would last only for 2 secs!
    >>So this time, I tried with this flashsaletricks chrome extension and also three scripts in another incognito window at the same time with the same account.
    >>I used incognito window for the scripts so that there is no flashsaletricks chrome extension in the incognito window.
    >>I think all of them worked, but flashsaletricks chrome extension responded first
    and the remaining said “one letv le 1s per registered user”

    =========THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN============

  24. Thanks Flash Sale Tricks, you rock guys. I was able to complete adding the product to my cart so quickly. All thanks to your extension. It worked like magic. I was so eager to get this phone and you helped to make it possible.
    Thanks Again.
    From now on any flash sale, I am going to rely on you guys.
    Keep rocking.Cheers.

  25. Dear Flashsaletrick Team,

    I was both Lucky and Unlucky today at the same time.

    I was able to add the product to my cart using your extension. Also i took very limited time to give my debit card details to make the payment and purchase the mobile. But unfortunately when the payment was processing, all of a sudden it stopped and when i looked into my cart, it said my product is out of stock. I feel very bad and unlucky. I was not able to buy the product despite successfully adding it using your extension.

    Should i make the purchase within 5 Mins of adding it to cart ? … Does all those who have made successful purchase, do they make the payment online or they opt for Home delivery (Cash on Delivery) option ?

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I have couple of questions and kindly answer it …

        1) Should i make the online payment within 5 mins ?

        2) Is it best to buy using COD (Cash on Delivery) option for faster payment (processing without giving card details which takes time) or has anybody have made successful payment using Credit/Debit Card within 5 mins ?

        3) Do you know when is the next flash sale for letv le 1s on flipkart ?

        • 5min payment is something very new introduced by flipkart only on today’s sale!! even we are not aware of it. we will update on next sale soon.

    • The same happened with me, product was out of stock after adding in the cart, but was able to place order @ 04:00 pm… Don’t know how… Finally placed the order.. πŸ™‚ thank you flashtrick team… Good job

  26. A lot of thanks and love to the flash sale team. i am really having no word’s to thank you

    still then superb Bro your software won my heart

    And i won my mobile

    Thankyou sooooooooooooooooooooo much

  27. Dear Flashsaletrick,

    I was both Lucky and Unlucky today at the same time.

    I was able to add the product to my cart using your extension. Also i took very limited time to give my debit card details to make the payment and purchase the mobile. But unfortunately when the payment was processing, all of a sudden it stopped and when i looked into my cart, it said my product is out of stock. I feel very bad and unlucky. I was not able to buy the product despite successfully adding it using your extension.

    Should i make the purchase within 5 Mins of adding it to cart ? … Does all those who have made successful purchase, do they make the payment online or they opt for Home delivery (Cash on Delivery) option ?

    • I booked for COD(using java scipt) in one browser and by debit card(using add on) in another. Both worked! But it took time for entering details of debit card and it showed out of stock! but i successfully placed my order by COD

  28. Thanks man, IT WORKS VERY WELL!!!!!!!!!!
    I was unable to place order on 2 feb but on 9 feb I used your extension and woalaahhh!!!
    I was able to place the order . Thank you so much!!!!!

  29. added to cart.. but cant able to click on view cart coz page loading.. so might be this when i reach to my cart it showing the mobile in cart but with out of stock tag. πŸ™

  30. Hello sir. I added the plugin and tested it , refreshed now , its taking me to flipkart homepage from the sale page. Is it normal? Will it work?
    and also i have updated the time with the internet time is it perfect? Please reply. THanks

  31. clear this one doubt now….do we need to refresh the page again when the timer is 00:00:00 ?? or else at 00:01:00 refreshed will be enough?

  32. in the video u refreshed the page at 00:00:00 but you are saying just before 1min left refresh the page which one we have to do refresh the page on 00 or 1:00

  33. while multiple ‘sale is not running’ dialogue boxes are opening in the backgroud and are every increasing with count as I scroll up or down, the loading dialogue box is tuck in the foreground. Will this affect my click speed ? What can I do to fix this ?

    • Dont mind error pop-up message ‘Sale is not running’ , extension will add le1s to ur cart. Do refresh the page when counter is less than 1 min.

  34. It is showing Loading after clicking on the Extension > LE1s . The Page loading error is there for at least 5 mins. I waited long but still showing Loading. But If I disable the Extension then its loading as normal , no delay

    • Dont worry about the error pop-up message, extn will add le 1s automatically to ur cart. Just refresh the page when timer is less than 1 min.

  35. Dude , i just opened the 9th feb flash sale page of le 1s from your extension. it says”sale is not running” my version is 3.0.23. please advice,thanks!

    • Dont worry about the error pop-up message, it will add le 1s automatically to ur cart. Just refresh the page when timer is less than 1 min.

    • U will see error pop-up message,dont mind it. Our chrome extension will add le 1s automatically to ur cart. Just refresh the page when timer is less than 1 min.

  36. There is Shows error …. Its ok or its create problem to add Phone in cart???

    please check it and Correct it……..Thanks in Advance

  37. Do we have to refresh every 5 mins say from 11:30 am or no need to refresh at all and just watch counter clock ticking and when it becomes say 00:58, refresh page once, thats it and when the counter clock becomes 00:00 the phone get added to basket.

    Am I right or missing something.

    PS – Dont know anything about fixing system time to flipkart time etc…

  38. this is great i bought spark and yunique by this and tomarow i will buy le 1s . i have one question If everyone will know this trick than your exsension will fail . right ??

  39. Sir
    why u r not replying on time sync questions? Pls reply because it is the most important factor. Without it ur extension will not work too.pls reply

  40. Hello flashsaletricks team,

    I was eagerly waited to buy the phone since 11.30 am on the first day flash sale, but unfortunately I was unable to grab the phone.

    After going through the reviews of the phone I came to know about your Auto-buy chrome extension.

    I have read all the comments and their replies, I am bit confused with the time sync topic.

    I shall be grateful, if someone guide me how to sync the system time with the flipkart flash sale timer.

    Eagerly waithing for your response and help me grab the phone on the next sale that is on 9th Feb.

    Thanking you

  41. flashsalestricks,
    i watched your videos and in all the videos u clicked on refresh button when it was less than 1 min and waited the device to go in cart. EXCEPT in LeEco Le 1s in which u also clicked on the reload page when the timer was exactly 00.00.00. So is it necessary to click on the reload at 00.00.00 while using your extension for Le 1s ????
    Please Reply and Clear My Doubt.(thanks)

  42. Thanks a lot flashsaletricks team. Tried your extensions on Le 1s, K4 note and was able to add both the phones. You guys are amazing.

      • as its a gift, so will open it only after i reach home..
        pic attached courtesy k 4 note again it was bought using script from you

        • np ravi.. thanks for posting pics πŸ™‚ if you want to write a short review on le1s, pls feel free to write to us. We will post the review under your name πŸ™‚

  43. Thanks FlashSaleTricks!!!!!
    I installed extension week ago and upgraded this morning
    But was not sure if it will work
    Pleasantly I was able to buy it through you
    Thanks a lot.
    But I had to refresh thrice
    First at 00.00.00 i refreshed but nothing happend
    so i did refresh second time and only on third time
    i got the message that the product has been added to cart.
    and also a timer was running for one minute to go to cart.
    is it normal
    please explain

  44. Sir
    I have a fast internet connection.
    I installed your extension on my chrome browser also.
    I synchronized my system timing with internet timing too.
    now what else I have to do on9 feb?
    Pls reply

  45. Not successful this time. Feeling very annoying
    how to grab it on 9 feb
    how to sync timing
    what is this people writing about?
    Pls explain

    • rohit.. don’t worry. we have tweaked our extension to make sure our users grab it next time. surely you will get it next time. all the best

  46. In the instructions it is written that “Refresh the timer page when counter is 00:01:00” should it be the time mentioned earlier or 00:00:00 please clarify.
    Also will this be available for tommorows K4note sale??

  47. If you sale this phone just you put the full stock otherwise don’t update for next sale this is very chifstrik, I’m hurted so much, when I saw 12:02pm this stock is not available, what is this, how can I buy it, total Indian people who want this phone you deliver to everyperson otherwise you can’t do business here

  48. in the video it is shown that we need to click on the refresh button at 00:00:01 but you haven’t mentioned that in the instructions. Correct me if i’m wrong ?

  49. Absolutely disgusting. . Tried from chrome and app nothing worked. . Showing out of stock right from the start…how did others manage to book it… can someone explain the steps in detail. .

  50. Don’t know what, but tried with three different computers and all with individual dedicated 3Mbps connections. Time sync problem was there as I have seen on one computer it’s saying 1min32sec left where another one 1min 39sec and the other one 1min43sec. I tried using chrome browser and your plugin. But in three of the computer it says out of stock. Bad luck for me. Flipkart is a pure nonsense when it comes to flash sale and Amazon is way better. Even Amazon has a nice thing that is, if you can’t buy the phone in 15mins then people who added the phone in wishlist will get a chance to buy it. Whatever, Flipkart’s indecent timer and bogus buying system really hurt a lot pf people today. Even I have seen people who tried normally or even using other javascript failed to buy Le 1s. Just to say better luck next time for friends.

    Do you know when the next sale is???

    • thanks for letting other ppl know about the time sync issue in detailed way. better luck next time..
      next sale should be on Feb 09. pls visit us back. we will update after flipkart announces it officially

      • Thanks buddy. Really feeling frustrating. Don’t know even will be able to buy one in next sale or not. Actually was waiting for a long time for this phone to launch and now missed it.

        BTW, did you get it on your cart or not? Do share your own experience as well.

        Take care.

        • Don’t worry you will definitely buy le 1s in next flash sale..
          and yes, we got it in our cart. we will update a video soon πŸ™‚

  51. thanks buddy. I was a bit apprehensive about effectiveness of extension, hence copied the script and pasted it in mozilla and executed it 00:00:00 as u suggested and got the ph added, now waiting (as per flipkart its packed and ready to ship :))

  52. i clicked buy button exactly when the sale stated still went out of stock as it started bull shit timer of 1 min just to show cart page. flipkart sucks would never indulge in another flipkart ‘s flash sale. flipkart is the worst among others.

  53. Amazing trick by flashsaletricks. thank you admins your script worked like a flash and i got my le1s in my cart.
    for others who did not get their mobile, i just say you one thing. follow instructions given in page and sit back and enjoy. they add mobile to your cart surely. check your internet connection fast or not. coz i ordered other mobiles also using this methods. it surely works.
    once again a big thanks to flashsaletricks

  54. For me, In FLipkart time remaining shows 12h 35m when time is actually 11:25am.. I thought the sale is on midnight. dont know how its happened to me. Anyone else got the same ?

    • this is what we are telling for sometime now. there is some time sync issues. its an error with flipkart site. pls try on next flash sale.. all the best πŸ™‚

  55. extension didnt work for me.i have slow pc πŸ˜‰
    I wanted to test this extension, cause in near future mi5 will be release and I need to practice
    Anyways, le 1s is a having bullshit processor. Helio X10 is worst performer in javascript loading which means browsing experience wont be good.
    helio x10 is also bad in many other aspects. Dont buy if your current phone’s processor is better or else you will regret buying le 1s. Moreover, flipkart doesnt entertain returns.
    Even of phone has lesser specks, I prefer buying from amazon.

    • it worked for us and also few users.. because of extremely huge demand and some time sync issues you didn’t get your mobile.. pls try next time.. all the best

    • users have had success in using our extension to buy le 1s. because of extremely huge demand for le 1s and some time sync issues you didn’t get your mobile.. pls try next time.. all the best

    • it is because of extreme demand for le 1s. pls try next time. all the best.
      it worked for us and other users also πŸ™‚ soon we will post a video

  56. i got reminder email from flipkart whrein they gave link to open le1s flash sale. Do i use ur extension from that link or should i normally login in flipkart page?

  57. Hi Op,If i’m using Zingoy & using that link,will it affect Extension working since I will not be clicking Extension->flipkart->le 1s.thanks

    • is expected error from flipkart. Just neglect and make sure to refresh the timer page when it is 00:00:00 exactly.

  58. what should i do bro ?when my timer comes to 00:00:01 ?should i refresh the page or it will automatically add to cart???

    what should i do when it comes to 00″00″00?

  59. Please let us know, If we will be refreshing the page on 00:00 sec , I think there is chances of loosing phone.
    Please throw some light on this, when to refresh,
    I am refreshing the page and it is showing that, sale is not yet started ( Pop up)

  60. Should we repeatedly refresh page every minute before the lash sale starts or exactly refresh only once when the timer is 00???

  61. dude i addes flashsaletrick extension in my chrome. i am using ubuntu.. nw all i have to do is refresh the fb page wen the timer reaches zero.. ryt? and one more thing.. nw itz 0900 hrs.. sale is at 1200 hrs.. the timer hasnt started.. wen will it start.. plz do reply cuz derz no time to waste..

  62. Sir
    we should refresh the page before 3-4 seconds or exactly at 00.00.00.
    if we refresh at 00 , it will take some time and chances of getting mobile will reduce ?
    Pls reply

  63. We should follow the same steps as mentioned or is there any changes in it? please do reply soon cuz tomorrow is the flash sale.

    • Pls do follow as mentioned, if any changes we will update on this page. Follow our page for more updates on flash sale.

      • I try to extension on Lenovo K4 as well as on Coolpad note 3 lite… but JAVA script is easy compair to extension… extension is not working….. please provide me Java Script for Le 1s.

        • dude extension will work 100%. Also, flipkart may make some changes to their sale page so extn will be better than script sometimes. We will update extension and script soon

  64. Dear sir please tell me
    if i would do the order Lenovo k4 note with bundle via extension.
    so can i pay CASH ON DELIEVERY ??
    please reply soon.

  65. you want us to refresh the page when counter is zero ? or before 1 minute ? ,if its on zero wouldn’t it delay the adding to cart option ?


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