Buy Micromax Canvas Spark on open sale from snapdeal


Micromax Canvas Spark open sale is on, No registrations required.
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Tricks to buy Micromax Canvas Spark 3 on flash sale from snapdeal
Micromax has launched the budget smartphone Micromax Canvas Spark.It will be exclusively available for Rs.4,999 on Snapdeal via open sale method.

How to buy Micromax canvas spark from snapdeal on open sale:
1. Login/Register into Snapdeal application
2. Visit Micromax Canvas Spark Sale page
3. Add Product To Cart
4. Update Shipping Details
5. Complete Your Order


  • 4.7-inch qHD (540×960 pixels) IPS display (Gorilla Glass 3)
  • 1.3GHz MediaTek MTK6582 quad-core processor
  • 1GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Dual SIM
  • 8MP Rear camera with LED flash and 2 MP Secondary Camera
  • 8GB Internal memory  and microSD expandable upto 32GB
  • 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop  operating system



  1. Unfortunately I deleted the mail which contains the link which navigates me to buy the micromax canvas spark 3 which I registered earlier so can I get one more link or any alternative to buy the product.

  2. i orderd this mobile yesterday,but sir snapdeal didn’t send me any conformtion msg yet… will i get it sir???…what do u think sir,,,plzzz replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. I’m 2 times registered for micromax canvas spark 3 mobile. But not any responce. Mail received but after not any process. Plz call me. And what a flash sale?

  4. Hiii… Snapdeal.. I am ragistairng Micromax canvas spark.. and have not to accept a massage and I am how to conform the product…. plz call me

  5. sir,
    i download and install ……FlashSaleTricks 3.0.8 extension
    now i have a doubt…can i click on “Allow in incognito” option on the “chrome://extensions/” page….at when i enable FlashSaleTricks 3.0.8 extension???

  6. Hi, I am in a vain that i cant install your this Chrome Ext. on my office PC due to Admin restrictions. So is it possible to still crack the Canvas Spark sale with HTML Script.

    If yes then pls. help me with it as I dont have internet at my home PC.

    Thanks in Advance..

  7. On flash sale now a days only black is available , is it possible to get white colour on upcoming flash sale 15 july ??

  8. i placed order successfully by using extension.
    but it shows PAYABLE AMOUNT Rs.4999. it means what?
    it it cash on delivery? but i placed by extension method.

  9. Dear flassaletrics Team.

    supeppppr work done by u guyz

    but frankly “autobuyscript” was much more better than then the “auto buy extension”.. bcoz we cant add extension in chromes incognito mode page for example with scripts i was able to buy 2 spark`s at a single time by adding script in incognito page window but now i cant add auto buy extension in that..
    so plz provide autobuy script…plzz

        • In Extension page(chrome://extensions/) enable ‘Allow in incognito’ to use in incognito page. U need to right click on auto-buy extension and choose ‘options’.In ‘Options’ page u need to type grey or white for canvas spark sale.

  10. I’m waiting to order it tomo (24th june). I hav already added the extension to the chrome bar and typed the color and kept.. will it work or shd it be done jz before the sale starts.

    • Just install chrome extension, disable it for now. Before sale starts just enable and choose the color for canvas spark, Refresh the timer page.

    • Already we have updated auto-buy chrome extension for Canvas spark, no need of auto-buy script from now onwards.

  11. Thanx alot SIR…… The extension worked as a miracle.
    The Chrome extension ordered MMX CANVAS Spark in just 15 seconds
    Hats off to you………….
    Thanx alot………………..

  12. The extension which you gave got installed but after that it got disabled automatically pls send it through chrome store

  13. Sorry the error is not the downloading issue. The proper error message between downloading it shows that- ” Apps, extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website.”
    Right now this is the current error coming. I want to ressolve my this problem. So regarding this please have a light on me. Thanks.

  14. Sir same ting is happening for micromax canvas spark also please help tomorrow is the sale day. Error is that the extension could not be downloaded from this website to my chrome browser. Please help

    • Hi Harneet singh..
      downloading the extension shouldn’t be a problem. we are working on some updates to the extension. pls watch this page for more updates. the extension will be ready before tomorrow’s sale.

  15. I want to purchase 1 Micromax Canvas Spark (White Colour) from 17th June flash sale on sanapdeal
    Please help me to clear all my confusions for this i will be thankful to you. Thanks.

  16. Respected Sir/Mam,
    I want to purchase 1 Micromax Canvas Spark (White Colour) from 17th June flash sale on sanapdeal and i had already registered myself for it. I want to clarify a confusion i had in my mind that there are two extensions to install, one for the white colour and the other for the black colour. Suppose i install white colour extension in google chrome, as i want to buy white colour only and when the timer remains 1 min i will refresh the page ok, from here i want to know that if i already installed the extension for white colour only and also i want to buy white colour only. yeh to nai hoga na ki when the sale starts autobuy wali option koi v colour apne aap se choose kar le. vo to white hi choose krega na agar mai white colour extension install krunga toh. Black to nai kar sakta na at the time of situation of the sale. Please help me to clear all my confusions for this i will be thankful to you. Thanks.

    • If u wnt white color only, just download and install autobuy chrome extension .crx file for white color. It wil choose white color only. Follow the steps accordingly for 100% success rate.

    • Yes it works 100%. Download and install auto buy chrome extension, follow step accordingly for success rate. All the best 🙂

  17. hlo..sir..I’m registered for flash sale..on 10 the June..till now..I did not get any code or call from u..wat I will do now ?? kindely help me sir

  18. Sir Could u please reply me that how to purchase Canvas Spark in bulk quantity about 5 – 8 pcs from my desktop pc


  19. Where is the script ? Does we have to run the extension and auto buy script both . plz clear my questions? I want to buy it today.

      • Is i have to press or do something on extension. plz give me the steps to buy canvas spark with the help of extension.

        • Vikram,
          pls read our post one more time dude 🙂
          you don’t have to do anything.. the extension will work automatically work when the timer comes to 0.
          simply install the extension and goto the product page. everything else will be done automatically

    • Hi Sai,
      We are not really sure if snapdeal allows for credit card payment in this flash sale. But we can assure you that our script works 100% for the default payment method which is COD..

  20. Sir,
    i have more interested in this mobile to buy
    I have registered once a time but it was failed to me when i was opened the site
    on the second time when i was registered it was not successed to register
    may i know whats the wrong with it
    i was eagerly waiting to buy thìs mobile
    will u help for me to buy this mobile
    please help me………,

  21. Sir, can I choose white color by replacing ‘blackColor’ with ‘whiteColor’?
    Snapdeal now shows that only white and grey are available.
    Please clarify sir.

    • Yes..Use ‘whiteColor’ for white color micromax canvas spark and ‘blackColor’ means grey color only.

  22. Can I choose white by just replacing ‘blackColor’ with ‘whiteColor’ in the code?
    The current timer page shows that only white and grey are available.

  23. I want to buy 4 micromax spark in upcoming sale, my question is can i use MULTILOGIN chrome extension, have 4 different ID in 4 different tabs and use this javascript for each tabs ? will it work for me ?? please reply.

    • no it wont work that way. however, you can open one session per browser.
      1 -> IE
      1 -> FF
      1 -> chrome
      also, you can make use of private browsing in all three browsers. so total count would be 6

  24. there is going to a 3rd flash sale of micromax canvas spark Q380 on 21 at 12 noon on snapdeal, can i use the same script which is given above?

      • Thanks for ur reply….i have one doubt…would this code work only when the timer is below 1 min??
        i mean it wont work now…are u sure it works when the timer is below 1 mins ?? cos i just used this code it is showing some kind of error… plz do clarify my doubt…thanks u 🙂


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