How to buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset on flash sale


OnePlus has announced a new LoopVR Virtual Reality headset to watch the OnePlus 3 launch live in 360. Registration closed for OnePlus Loop VR Headset flash sale starts @ 12Pm Today(07th June) exclusively available from Amazon India. Find the latest tricks to buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset from Amazon flash sale.
How to buy OnePlus 3 and Accessories for Re.1 from OnePlus Diwali Dash Sale (24-26 Oct)
The company launched the OnePlus2 last year, and it was the first of its kind VR Launch. This year we have been hearing a lot about the OnePlus 3 for a while but so far there has been no official confirmation on date when it would launch.
Just like last year, the company has made only 30,000 VR headsets which will be available for just Rs. 1 from with free shipping. There will be two flash sales, one on June 3rd and next on June 7th at 12PM IST. Registrations are open now.

The Loop VR headset has 100-degree field of view, fits 5 or 6-inch smartphones comfortably, has Orthoscopic lenses and weighs 366 grams. For a distortion-free field of view, lenses can be fine-tuned for a perfect focus. It also has adjustable straps and snug inner-padding. The Loop VR also fits comfortably over glasses.
Tricks to buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset from Amazon App

How to buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset for Rs.1 from Amazon(App Only sale)

  • Login/Register into Amazon application, Download the Latest Amazon India Android App.
  • Visit OnePlus Loop VR Headset page.
  • Click ‘Register Now‘ button.
  • As this Amazon App Only sale, Use Bluestacks player to install android app on PC.
  • Install Bluestacks in your PC ( Visit to download bluestacks).
  • Download and Install latest “Amazon India Shopping” Android App on Bluestacks player –
  • Goto OnePlus Loop VR Headset sale page from Amazon App on 3rd & 7th June at 12PM to buy at Rs. 1( Sale starts @ 12Pm).
  • Click on ‘Add to cart’ button.
  • *Note: You can use Autoclicker software and place cursor exactly on area where ‘Add to cart’ button appears. We dont guarantee that it works 100% , we also recommend you to try manually.


    We don’t provide any auto-buy script or extension for OnePlus Loop VR Headset sale. As this is Amazon App Only sale we try our best to come with some tricks to buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset from flash sale. Follow this page for more updates on OnePlus VR Headset Tricks.

    OnePlus 3 to be sold without Invites, Launch set for June 14. Download OnePlus 3 Launch: The Loop – Android for OnePlus 3 VR Launch. The timings for the OnePlus 3 launch event for different time zones is as mentioned below –

    • 12.30 PM EDT (New York)
    • 9.30 AM PDT (San Francisco)
    • 4.30 PM UTC/GMT
    • 5.30 PM BST (London)
    • 6.30 PM CEST (Paris)
    • 10.00 PM IST(Bengaluru)

    How to Participate in Amazon App Only sale:(Only For Register Users)

    • Ensure your are logged in to your account before 12 PM.
    • Add the Loop VR headset to your cart when the sale starts and checkout the product within 15 minutes.
    • In case of sell out, you might be asked to join the wailist.
    • If the original buyer fails to complete the order within 15mins the Loop VR headset will become availabe to the customer in waitlist.
    • If Waitlisted, an alert will pop up notifying when a Loop VR headset is available.
    • Only registered customers will be able to checkout successfully.
    • Only one device is permitted per customer.

    OnePlus Loop VR Headset Specifications:

    • Dimensions – 188 x 120 x 100 mm.
    • Field of view – 100 degree.
    • Compatible with most 5 to 6 inch smartphones.
    • Orthoscopic lens.
    • Weight – 366g.



  1. This was a fake sale from Amazon.There was no option to add to cart and in 1 sec it started showing 100% claimed,Very dissapointed.

  2. This was probably a fake sale just for promotion purposes.
    I tried both days 3rd and 7th
    As soon as countdown was over at 12pm I opened the there was no option for purchasing and add to cart.
    And suddenly it said the deal is ended.
    This was all fake.
    Fuck Amazon.

  3. I had registered for OnePlus 3 loop VR for 7th june. Open amazon app 10 min earlier 12 Pm but was not able to find that VR headset in app. Can anyone tell me where it was??

  4. Amazon app stucked on time. Reloaded, saw add to cart button but press karte karte got in waitlist.
    Waitlist mean failed to buy, kyunki add to cart wala payment me kyu fail hoga in 15min time.

  5. me ne 4 mobiles pe amazon apps pe 3-06-2016 OnePlus 3 Loop VR ka 12pm ko sale tha me ne 11.30am ko login 4 mobile pe kiya tha 12 pm jab ho gaya koi option buy or cart ka dikhaye nehi diya amazon ka fake sale tha

  6. Can anyone tell me where was the link for OnePlus 3 VR headset in windows amazon app. I was there from 11:45 to 12:45 BUT cant find it anywhere 🙁

  7. Hi,

    Amazon mobile app is not up to the mark, at the time of sale, stuck without showing the add to cart button, after that in a micro second it shows 100% claimed and the wait-list is full , Although I am at high speed Broadband connection and synchronized my mobile time also. It shows Amazon India is also in the line of other leading online shop like Flipkart etc.

  8. Hello

    today is bad day for me ….
    i’d one doubt …
    when the countdown completed , new page was appeared .in that showing “in stock” but not showing ” ADD to CART”… just saying that “wishlist is full” …just it happened in a second
    i shocked for a while….

    plz admin help me …

  9. The Amazon app is not getting installed on the bluestacks. Could you please provide an alternate apk/link for this?

    Many thanks

  10. People, please don’t buy the headset unless you have 1080p display and gyro sensor. If you don’t know your phone have these just Google it.

    • hahaha,.,.,. you want to increase your chances by demotivating others,.,. hahaha,.,.,. same strategy like one in 3 idiots.. “chatur ramalingam !!”

      • Believe me or not these are real requirements for VR.
        When you’re holding your phone inches away from your face and staring through magnifying glasses (which is what you do with vr headsets) your “sharp” 720p display won’t look so sharp anymore. In fact you will be able to count individual pixels. 1080p displays won’t look perfect either but they will look good enough for daily use. 720p displays will just look ugly.
        The gyroscope sensor is needed to move the 360 degree videos/photos/games when you’re moving your head side by side. Without gyro sensor you can only bob your head.
        And btw most (if not all) of the 720p phones currently in the market do not have gyroscope sensor. So if you did buy it good luck getting it to work.

  11. Guys today is a big day and you haven’t come with new update….will you guys come with a new update or we should try some othr way

  12. @flashsaletricks Can you please mention the fact that minimum requirements for virtual reality is 1080p display and gyro sensor in your article? I am worried that most of the headsets will end up in trash.

  13. Are you guys coming up with the new updates… waiting for your new update becoz u guys prove it Everytime.

  14. When will your extension or app will be updated for OnePlus Loop VR Headset i am waiting for long and i don’t want to lose the chance so please update
    Every time your extension and app work fine

  15. hello ,

    i’d one doubt … is OnePlus Loop VR Headset only work on OnePlus phone ?

    i’d infocus bingo 50… is it work on this phone ?

    thanks you

    • Keep following this page for more updates on OnePlus Loop VR Heasdet tricks or tips to buy on flash sale.

    • We will try to update tricks or tips to grab OnePlus Loop VR Headset on flash sale. Follow this page for more updates on OnePlus VR Headset flash sale.


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