Buy Redmi Note 3 on open sale starting from Rs.9,999*


Buy Redmi Note 3 (16GB/32GB) on open sale starting from 22 June on Flipkart, Snapdeal, TataCliq and Mi India. No registration required. Follow our page for more updates on Redmi Note 3 open sale.

Buy Redmi Note 3 Flipkart
Buy Redmi Note 3 Flipkart

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How to buy Redmi 3S Prime from Flipkart

Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 3 in India on 03 March, 2016. In a series of smartphone race, Redmi has entered with another solid competitor, REDMI NOTE 3. Following the huge demand that was recently met with the flash sale smartphones Lenovo K4 Note and LeTV Le 1S, we expect the Redmi Note 3 fare well in the race.

    1. How to buy Redmi Note 3 on open sale from Flipkart
    2. How to buy Redmi Note 3 on open sale from Snapdeal
    3. How to buy Mi Max on open sale from Mi India
    4. How to buy Redmi Note 3 on open sale from TataCliq
    5. How to buy Redmi Note 3 on open sale from Paytm

Tricks to buy Redmi 3S Prime from Flipkart on 09 August
How to buy Redmi Note 3 (16GB/32GB) from flipkart:
1. Login/Register into Flipkart application
2. Visit Redmi Note 3 sale page.
3. Add Redmi Note 3 To Cart.
4. Update Shipping Details.
5. Complete Your Order.

How to buy Redmi Note 3 (16GB/32GB) from snapdeal:
1. Login/Register into Snapdeal application
2. Visit Redmi Note 3 sale page.
3. Add Product To Cart
4. Update Shipping Details
5. Complete Your Order
Redmi Note 3 Open sale on Snapdeal
Redmi Note 3 (Silver/Gold/Grey-32GB) –
Redmi Note 3 (Gold/Grey/Silver-16GB) –

Buy Redmi Note 3 on open sale from Mi India
1. Login/Register into Mi India application
2. Visit Redmi Note 3 sale page.
3. Add Product To Cartm
4. Update Shipping Details
5. Complete Your Order

How to buy Redmi Note 3 from TataCliq:
1. Login/Register into Tatacliq application
2. Visit Redmi Note 3 sale page.
3. Add Redmi Note 3 To Cart.
4. Update Shipping Details.
5. Complete Your Order.

Redmi Note 3 (Grey -32GB) –
Redmi Note 3 (Gold-32GB) –
Redmi Note 3 (Silver -32GB) –

How to buy Redmi Note 3 (16GB/32GB) from Paytm:
1. Login/Register into Paytm application
2. Visit Redmi Note 3 sale page.
3. Add Redmi Note 3 To Cart
4. Update Shipping Details
5. Complete Your Order

Redmi Note 3 (Grey-32GB) –
Redmi Note 3 (Silver-32GB) –
Redmi Note 3 (Gold-32GB) –

Redmi Note 3 Review:
Xioami is out with the much awaited Redmi Note 3 in India. Setting a premier league in the 15000 budget category of smart phones, this version of China’s Apple has created a lot of hype. With an all metal built Android version and Snapdragon 650 is way better than its counter launch in China. With a battery life that exclaims “never say die”, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is all set to take over the budget smartphone market with a storm. Here is the review of the latest buzz in the smartphone world. more

Redmi Note 3 Specification:

  • 5.5-inch FHD IPS Display(1080 x 1920 pixels )
  • 1.8GHz QualComm Snapdragon 650 64Bits
  • 2GB | 3GB RAM
  • 16GB | 32GB ROM
  • 16MP rear camera, 5MP front camera
  • 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microUSB
  • 4050mAh battery
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop on top of MIUI 7

Redmi Note 3 has a metal body with a 5.5″ 1080p display up front that offers a 178 degree angle of view. Up front, the device largely resembles the Redmi Note smartphones of the past. There is a front facing 5 Megapixel camera with f2.0 aperture and 1080p video recording.

Buy Redmi Note 3 Amazon Flash Sale
Buy Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 is powered by a Snapdragon 650 processor from Qualcomm and will have 2 variants. One with 2GB of RAM and 16GB Flash for ₹9,999 while the other will have 3GB RAM and 32GB Flash for ₹11,999.


    • Yes it has dual 4G standby. But if you will use 4G in any of the slot then other slot will become 2G automatically. Yes Reliance GSM and Jio works in it.

  1. Plz give some trick to buy unlimited redmi note or any others phone from flipkart.. its too much verifiction … soo my all ordr autometiclly cancel… plz give some trick to buy many phones

  2. Guys i am trying to buy from past 3 sales i need gold 32gb varient but every time i get a different colour. any suggestions

  3. Hello,
    This was really a quick and flash trick I must say 🙂

    Thanks flashsaletricks. Now a days If I need any information on new upcoming flash sale mobiles, I directly used to come on this blog 🙂

    Thanks for updating it daily!

    One question :- Does registrations are closed now ? Or how to but mi note 3 now ?

    Awaiting for your answer !

  4. woww!!i got it today (may 25th) soon as time was up 2 variants got added in my cart..luckily 1 was gold 32gb which i wanted to buy:)thank you soo much guys for this wonderful n great work..trick worked successfully..!!thanks a lott!!!:)

  5. Really the extension worked fine!.Got one from the sale!.Thumbs for the extension :-).Keep it up!.Guys just go for it!.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I want Oneplus 3 VR loop headset anyhow… as this sale is going only on app. So, please help us with a trick.

    Bought XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 on 25th May 2016 sale on amazon.
    Wanted GOLD colour but got Dark GREY.
    HATS OFF to you guys for this trick.
    IT WORKS!!!!
    IT WORKS!!!!
    IT WORKS!!!!

  8. initially i was a bit skeptical but I tried it anyway !!! And managed to place my order despite the rush (in the first go) !!!!

    Thanks to

    Keep up the good work guys !!!!

    • I have the same question. I have Extension Version 3.0.36. Will it work on 18th May sale and add all the mobile options to the cart or only one ?
      Please reply ASAP. Thanks

    • I have the same question. Should I wait for an updated version or will Version 3.0.36 work for the sale on 18th May?

  9. Hi FST , Thanks for the Wonderful Chrome plugin . I would like to share the whole experience . After the sale begin , The plugin will automatically adds the product to your cart . I thought of buying a Dark grey 32 GB , However I was added only two 32GB ( Silver and Gold ) . I’m ok with the Silver now .

    Suggestions :
    Please ask the customer which product they desire to buy ( color and Size ) . Prioritize the product first . So that the customer do not want to remove the products manually . If the product isn’t available , add other products to the cart .

    Thanks ,

    • Dear RM,
      Thanks for your suggestions. We are glad we could help you and we are already working on what you have suggested. 🙂
      Pls share our website andd fb page with your friends

  10. Thank you flashsaletricks for getting me redmi note 3 32gb.

    I will share my experience it may help others, i have got it in 4th time. first and second time i tried booking it manually but failed to get it. 3rd time it added 32 gb but my internet failed while completing the order. 4th time i got it through amazon, it had added 2 no. of redmi note 32 gb two times i had to manually delete them to get one . My experience with it is it adds phone to card in amazon more smoothly than mi website.
    Add flashsaletricks to your chrome browser and it will do things for you automatically.

  11. Amazing! Wish I had know this earlier. This works and I ordered a Redmi Note 3 32 GB Silver in todays sale. Thanks a lot!!

  12. Hey Team Thanks a lot for this Fab Tool. Just got a 32 Gb Gold Redmi….expecting it by tomorrow. Keep Doing the Great Job.
    (For skeptics: This app really works fine. A good internet connection is recommended, mine was 5Mbps)

  13. Kya 32gb Redmi Note 3 flash sale trick android app pe book karna sambhav hai dosto jawab jarur dena

    • It works but you need to manually click select on the desired model.. I missed it coz I didn’t know about it 😛 .. But I got one thro’ amazon..

  14. if any one cant purchase this phone on 4-5-2016 they can buy it from me. I placed order but I don’t require this phone now only for delhi people it will reach between 7-11 may so whoever want they can get it from me 3 gb dark grey and a gold contact 9205317155

  15. if any one cant purchase this phone on 4-5-2016 they can buy it from me. I placed order but I don’t require this phone now only for delhi people it will reach between 7-11 may so whoever want they can get it from me 3 gb dark grey and a gold contact 9205317155

  16. Thank you so much man…The flash chrome extension worked like magic…
    Bought the Gold 32 gb Redmi note 3…:)

  17. Thank you so much guys ! I was able to book my redmi note 3 32 gb in today’s sale very very easily. Kudos. Keep up the good work !! It was near to impossible without this trick. Thanks a lot !
    Try it out people it does work wonders. 🙂

  18. Just Ordered Redmi Note 3 grey 32Gb via Amazon on 4th May sale……Using FlashSaleTricks extension…… All Variants Got Automatically added to my cart…Just selected the one I needed and that’s all …..THANK YOU SO MUCH FlashSaleTricks GUYS………GREAT WORK

  19. great extension i have ordered 7 mobile of 32 GB (gold) today ,,,, having this tricks .

    really amazing….

    thanx u ,,, flash trick

  20. thank you so much. i have successfully booked redmi note 3 (3gb ram) by using your extension. without it was nearly impossible to book it.

  21. Got the Redmi Note 3 – 3GB/32GB Gold Variant
    All Thanks to the FlashSaleTricks Chrome Extension..!!
    Thanks Guys!! Thanks a Lot!!

  22. I was able to Buy 32GB GOLD Redmi Note 3 in Amazon using this extension in todays sale(04.05.16).

    worked wonderfully. Thumbs up

  23. Got the Redmi Note 3 – 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Variant..!!!
    Kudos to the App…!!
    Thank You! Thanks a Lot!

  24. i had it enabled in two tabs for amazon as well as mi india website. i noted that the timer in Amazon was 3 seconds faster. It worked for Amazon but it didnt do anything for mi website.It automatically added 2 variants in my amazon cart.16Gb is not needed, so removed from cart. Got 1 gold 32Gb after trying for 4 weeks finally . Thanks! you guys rock!!
    Please update for next sale as well. Thank you again!!

  25. Thank You Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Much! Flashsaletricks! i am serious! I have been trying to get this bitch from 9 th april and today is my lucky day guys! this is Crazy! i got my 32 gig variant using this piece of shit! do try this! i tried all sorts of scripts but couldnt get one! thank you fst team! Love U

  26. What to do after automatically added in cart ? Is there any chance that the phone will unable to order after adding in cart ????

  27. Ur site says that we have to click on Amazon logo. but where does the logo appear. does it come at the time of sale or normally. I dont see any logo now

  28. is cash on delivery option available for redmi note 3 on amazon after using flashsaletricks extension>??

  29. Crazinees began again for me …… Thx to FST extension…..

    Got my Redmi Note 3 32GB (GOLD) on 27th april sale on amazon…
    The script also added RN3 16GB version (which eventually I removed)

    It was really happy moment after failing 3-4 times…… Kudos to Team FST

    Keep Up the good work!! Cheers!!

  30. FlashSaleTricks Nailed it…!!:)
    Got my Redmi Note 3 32GB on 27th april sale on amazon…
    When all other scripts on Internet failed to work, Your script succeeded..
    Keep Up the good work!! Cheers!!

  31. Thanks a lot Flashsaletricks ! Made my day! ordered 32 gb dark grey variant.Script worked wonderfully! 🙂 keep up the good work!

  32. Excellent work… thanks to flashsaletricks i ordered redmi nte 3 32gb grey from amazon and most likely i’ll get the same by tomorrow… 🙂

      • followed the steps suggested by flashsaletrick.. for more clarity please watch video given for more clarity… i bought through amazon.. for quick checkout please update your delivery address and payment mode well in advance.. i bought my phone in less than 3 min (complete process)..

        With the help of flashsaletricks, i’ll get my phone today.. it’s on the way…. 🙂

  33. Thanks to your chrome extension, i finally able to order mi note 3, 32gb dark grey through amazon and most likely i will get the same by tomorrow… 🙂

  34. Extension definitely works for buy now button. But it didn’t work automatically on select now.

    But still got my RN3 dark grey today after a month’s struggle. Keep up the good work.

  35. Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    I got Note 3 3GB 32GB only because of your extension.

    Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  36. Hi FlashSaleTricks Developer….
    I have no word to say thanks to you guys ….. Thank you so much … I have been waiting for Redmi Note 3 32GB variant since 3rd March …
    Finally today I got 2 device of 32GB….. 1st in Mi and 2nd in Amazon …

  37. Thank you so much team i got 4 32 gb phones using ur trick. now everyone in my family will use redmi note 3(3GB+32GB)

  38. Hi I just placed a order of redemi note 3 32GB 3 GB RAM VERSION IT WILL REACH BETWEEN 3 – 5TH MAY IF ANYBODY WANT IT CALL 8505869273

  39. LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today after 4 weeks finally ordered 32gb gold variant from amazon.
    good job guys keep it up
    at first i was in waitlist and i wait like 15-20min oh yess its in my cart
    again thnak you!!!!!!!!

  40. Managed to get the 3G/32GB phone finally after 3 weeks of struggle…For sure, this wouldnt had been possible without the Flashsaletricks extension…Keep up the good work guys, Cheers ! ! !

    • We hve made extension to automatically click on ‘Select’ button, but for safe side we suggest to click manually on ‘select’ button immediately once page loads.

  41. Dear Admin, your Chrome extension will automatically first select the ” Buy” button and then ” Select” button in today”s sale in MI store/Amazon. My question, will it select Redmi Note 3, 16 GB or 32 GB as many of us are interested in 32 GB variant. only. Kindly clarify, thanks

  42. One website stated
    “Please do not create duplicate Amazon accounts or use any other auto-buy scripts to avail the smartphone. Amazon is the #1 Player in the e-commerce Game and they will find out and will suspend your account if any fraudulent activity is noticed.”

    Is There any chance they may ban my account?

    • No need to create duplicate amazon account, u can use our auto-buy chrome extension for 27 April sale. They will not ban any of ur account.

    • Our android app works gud, but due to some reasons like (internet speed, mobile demand etc) it fails for them. If u want u can try with our chrome extension for 27 April sale.

  43. Will your extension work on 27th April’s redmi note 3 32gb sale on mi India website?
    Do I need to update the extension?

  44. hello admin

    can you tell me more about gift card trick of amazon to buy red I note 3.

    will the gift card will be physically delivered to my home, or I will get gift coupon code online.

  45. Dear team, your done awesome job. I booked my Redmi note 3 32Gb gold on 20th April Mi web site with the help of your extension.

    Thanks guys once again.

  46. Thankyou !! I was able to get my Redmi Note 3 today and it worked like a charm.

    I sincerely thank the team behind this technology and making it happen for me

    • It will work for today’s sale. There is huge demand for Redmi note 3 32GB variant, if u want u can try manually in another window.

  47. dear sir,
    i have already applied your trick
    i am trying to buy mi note 3 32gb variant since 4 weeks
    i want to know that will the extension automatically click on the select option in today’s sale.
    what should i do for my assurement?
    waiting for a positive response from yuour side.

  48. I want to buy the 32 gb variant in

    Will the above method create a sure chance to grab the deal?
    After i select the variant , the site opens . Do I need to do anything after that or I should wait till the product is added to cart?

    For how long will it stay in my cart?

    • We have updated chrome extesnion for Redmi note 3 32Gb sale on It will automatically click on ‘buy now’ button and add to cart automatically.

  49. Hey i have just installed your latest chrome extension for today’s sale. and it shows my system time on the top.

    that’s fine but do I need to sign in to take participate before the sale or once product is selected and then I need to login for check out process?

    • Ok. Just login into application half-an-hr before sale and do follow the steps accordingly. It will work for today’s sale. All the best 🙂

  50. Can i open one tab using the chrome extension and another tab to click the Buy Now button manually ? I want the 32 GB variant on

  51. will the chrome extension work on ‘’ for 32GB variant?
    will it successfully click the ‘select’ button for sure ?
    should i be relaxed or try some other options too?
    it will be nice of you if you reply

  52. What If we simultaneously use extension V.3.0.30. on 2 Different laptops with same Mi account or What if we signed in on mobile and on chrome with same Mi account and try to buy using extension/Android App?

  53. your chrome extension didnt clicked on select now? will it do this time or not??32gb waiting…waiting and wait coninues

  54. Will it add the product directly to cart like in Amazon or you have to select the colour in the next page? I tried last time, all colours of 16GB were in my cart in amazon, your script worked really fine but in MI website it does not add the all products to cart, you need to select the colour and variant in the next page and when you select the colour, it is already out of stock. Are you working on this or there is no possible way to apply that to MI website?

  55. I just installed the plugin and checking it. When I check the console I can see the following security errors.

    VM1159:1 Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin “” from accessing a frame with origin “”. The frame requesting access has a protocol of “https”, the frame being accessed has a protocol of “http”. Protocols must match.

    I hope it won’t affect the working of the script.

  56. Yes, Your Chrome extension is working well. It added all three version Gold, Silver and Gray within second into my cart. I purchased silver version. Got it on 15April. Very good mobile, feeling satisfied.
    Got the Made in India mobile.
    Manufactured in April 2016.
    … thank #Flashsaletricks

    • no dude, this trick dint worked in mi site, maybe there was none in their website as amazon was not selling 32 gb, its just mi making fool of us

  57. hello,
    i have a serious doubt, please help me clear it. On for the product to get into cart we first have to select the variant and the colour. so will your extension choose the variant and colour for us before the sale or do we have to select it as the sale starts?

    Also please post a step by step procedure to buy it with your extension.


  58. Dear Admin I wanted to buy Redmi Note 3 32 gb variant but can’t book a one .I had tried all the methods but I was unsuccessfull so you are my last hope to do so.I want to buy it on 20th April sale please direct me .please .

  59. Thank you so much.with the help of this script i m able to buy Redmi Note 3 from amazon flash sale.thank you sooo much… 🙂

  60. this redmi note 3…how much hype it has created…?personally i feel we should sue this mi for playing with emotions…

  61. Honestly we need to stop registering for two weeks in a row.. Enough of fooling from MI. When we register immediately for next sale they know their potential buyer is still in a hunt.. With our ID they know from past month and half we have not moved our demand to other phone. Since they know demand they making scarcity of supply just to hype the product. We need to show we are no more interested in buying. So request you all not to register, atleast for your self respect as a customer.. We are showing so much of faith and trust in brand and other side company is fooling it’s customer. Totally unethical!

  62. i wanted to get the 32GB variant from, using the extension. it clicked only on the “Buy Now” button, but in the next page, select button was not clicked and it went out of stock. Why it didn’t work?? will it work next week – 20Apr??

  63. I tried for 32 GB redmi and powerbank from using chrome extension.
    Just to clear the doubts this extension will automatically click on buy now button as soon as the sale starts but for Redmi note3 it will land on a page to select the color and variant however for powerbank it directly added to my cart.
    So when we select redmi phone version in the chrome extension it wont select the variant you want. but we have to select it manually.

    • can you please explain what do we have to do exactly on the sale day? does it add the product automatically in the cart on or do we have to select anything?

  64. Your code has worked for other devices that I’ve ordered on Flipkart and Amazon. It didn’t work for me for Redmi Note 3 32GB version today on Amazon. But it did work for my friend. Any suggestions for the upcoming Redmi Note 3 32GB sale next week?

  65. Did not add anything mate..not ur fault mate..they just dont have any 32gb order to garner traffic they are doing dis chutzpah..w8ing for another phone now..even by using airtel 4g it showed me out of stock in a second..

  66. it didnt work for me in MI site….but it worked in Amazon but i needed 32GB…

    In amazon site page this extension was saying that the script activated but it didnt say the same thing in mi site….Why?

  67. Today it didn’t click on the select button in product on Mi Site…. I could not purchase 32gb version… It just clicked on the buy now button….

  68. today on extension is not showing any message like script activated..congratulations script it ok mate..

  69. HI , I know that the script will automatically select buy now on redmi note 3 , but do we have to select colour and 32gb variant or will it do that also by itself ? Please reply . . . .dying for the 32gb variant since the first flash sale , thanks !

  70. U r saying less then 1 min..for example it should be like …00:50 sec left..nd refresh the page..and do nothing jUST sit realx..???

  71. plz tell me when i will be able to choose colours in amazon it just shows sale today at 2 pm and i am registered so are all seeing this? plz reply flash

  72. Hi, Actually I wanted to know that after clicking on your extension>MI logo> Choose variant, It opens a mi page, so in that page do we have to click buy now or it will do it automatically.?

    • No need to click on ‘Buy now’ button, our extension will click on ‘Buy now’ button and add mobile to ur cart.

  73. Is it ok if we have adblock enabled or we should disable the adblock..will the extension work if i have enabled adblock..

  74. hi i have downloaded the extension however on clicking i have to select the model and colour variant and then it loads mi page. is this the correct procedure ?

    • Yes, choose the your favorite variant and refresh the page mi page when counter is less than 1 min. Our auto-buy extension will automatically add mobile to ur cart.

      • I have added the crome, I can seee, I had clicked the MI and selected the 32gb Gold,. My question is what iam suppose to do on the sale day ie 20 April ?

  75. If I choose gold color variant in one tab and grey in another through your extension, will the extension add both to my cart or does it work like amazon which adds all colors available in the cart using just one tab.
    PS: Video to use extension on Mi will be really helpful.

  76. where is the script and video for mi site that was present last week. please reupload it. thanks. waiting for the script

  77. Please help .. If we click on the extension for mi site it lands on the buy now page instead of counter timer… Do we have to refresh that page on which it lands and just do nothing ?? Will the extension click the buy now button itself..???
    Isn’t there any script method for mi site?

    Please reply…

  78. Sir please tell us how to use your auto buy extension on mi so that we can buy 32gb variant successfullly…pls upload a video for it…pls help…

  79. Thank you very much FlashSaleTricks
    I bought Redmi note 3 32gb Dark Grey Variant in 6th april 2pm sale.
    This extension is working for also. But you should activate this extension just 1 sec before sale by watching timer unlike which automatically adds the product into cart.

  80. how can i properly use the chrome extension on 13th april to buy redmi note 3 32gb from mi site.. can anyone tell me how to use it properly???
    please reply

  81. Sir,will your autobuy extension on will automatically select buy now in timer page or we will have to select buy now???

  82. Hi I need to buy 32 GB model. There are many colours and varients .how it will select exact one. Will it add all products to cart?

  83. Thank you very much I would like to share my experience on 6th April. It is more difficult to get a Redmi Note 3 32GB variant than IBPS PO or CAT Exam. AT 2:45pm I got a message that Redmi Note 3 32GB dark grey is in “Waiting List”. After 10 minutes I got that the message as”Sold Out”. So, I posted that I am unlucky at 3 PM today. I don’t know what happened at 3:40 PM I visit that I got message that Redmi Note 32GB Dark Grey is in my cart with only 2 minutes remaining. Later I checked out with my credit card and successfully placed because of You…………, THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS

  84. Pls update your extension such as we can surely buy this phone on 13th..i need this 32gb grey model variant badly..Trying since 1st sale ..

  85. Got Both – Redmi note 3 32gb/3GB ” GOLD & GREY ” Variants.
    I feel Like i am Only the Lucky one getting BOTH Of Them…!!
    Thanks a Lotttttttttt……………!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flashsaletricks Extension and Also AMAZON 😉

  86. Thank you very much bro…It worked at last after 1 month of waiting…U really rockzz….Once again thankz….

    Ordered Redmi note 3 32gb, gold edition

  87. Nice script sir. The 16 GB models kept adding to my cart ‘n’ number of times. However, I was unlucky to get 32 GB one.

    • Thank you, flash sales. I was in waiting list for the 32 GB dark grey model. I got a notification to checkout the same after the sale got over. I immediately paid and grabbed the same.

  88. Thank you i was able to buy Xiaomi redmi note 3 32gb (Dark grey).Initaially i thought it would not add cuz it got stucked on checking deals eventually added the one i wanted…kudos 🙂

  89. Dear sir ,

    Thank u , i got 32 GB gold version today 2 pm , Once again i will tell u thanks for ur hardwork for creating extension of this amazon flash sale.

    YV Rao

  90. Woooow Amazing tricks ya. Atlst i have booked the 32gb i was trying from the 1st sale. But was looking for the Dark Grey Colour.. but no problem.

    Thank you soooo much admin

  91. The page was stuck on by showing “checking deal status” and at last not added the phone to cart in amazon. very disappointed. And also in when I press enter at 2 pm the script is showing some errors. I think detected your trick. I missed last 5 times in buying redmi note 3 at Amazon Flash sales………., Now i have to go for another mobile……,

  92. Couldn’t buy redmi note 3 from amazon. The page was stuck was on checking deal status and never added the phone to cart.. very disappointed..please fix..

      • Dear flashsaletricks what is the solution then. We appreciate your affort to help us but really disappoianted with Xiaomi for limited stock and creating this artificial demand. I happened to fail to add to cart all the sal es so for let me wait for the 5 PM sale in Amazon and Mi India. Will the same Crome Extension wil for work

      • i clicked note 3 32gb gold varriant from the extension … opened sale page and added mi protect itself…at 1:59 pm refreshed the page and at 2 pm clicked buynow….
        Note: if it shows, ” sorry u cant add this item.” thn move back to previous page and click buynow once again but u must act fast..

  93. Didnt work in 11 AM sale. Redmi note 3 went in a flash. Hope the code will be tweaked now and updated. I am in full support of you guys. It inhumanly impossible to buy manually. Your script didnt work this time but I am sure it will definitely work in next 2 PM sale. I am waiting for an update to add on and script. Cheers guys 🙂

  94. My order is confirmed at you so much was able to book redmi note 3 32gb grey color with your extension at 11 am sale..will recommend this to all my friends also..keep up the awesome work guys 🙂

      • I clicked the extension..then i chose the variant..32gb grey color..then it opened the sale page of redmi note 3 directly by itself( )..then i clicked buy now when it came in stock at 11 am, and it added to my cart and i checked out
        And pls do all this when 5 minutes are left and then refresh when less than 1 minute left for sale to will work nicely..did for me 🙂

    • which page did you add it from. The page taken directly from the extension showed “out of stock ” and Book Now both. Did nothing when time ended.?????
      please tell how did you do it

      • I clicked the extension..then i chose the variant..32gb grey color..then it opened the sale page of redmi note 3 directly by itself( )..then i clicked buy now when it came in stock at 11 am, and it added to my cart and i checked out
        And pls do all this when 5 minutes are left and then refresh when less than 1 minute left for sale to will work nicely..did for me 🙂

        • Thanks Bhavesh for ur tips. Users pls do refesh every 5 mins to sync with internet time. Also refesh the page when before 1 min sale starts. All the best to everyone 🙂

  95. there’s no use of the script for mi right? we have to do everything manually…cliking the buy now button….so whats the use?

    • Our extension make sure it choose ur favorite variant and color with Mi Protect. Only u need to click on ‘Buy now’ on sale time exactly. We hve tuned the script to work sucessfully.

  96. guyz plz make it clear that whats the meaning of three flash sale on
    is it of mi5(8am) then redmi note 3 (2pm) or on all the three timings the sale will be for all models ie. mi5*note3
    plz hlp

  97. Please update the extension for 32 GB Dark Grey Version on amazon, it will be available on amazon on 6 april because it is showing in product search page with a message that it will be in stock on 6 april. thank you for your efforts

  98. On 6th April there will be three flash sales on So please it is a sincere request that you accordingly modify your extension for all the three sales. Our hopes lie on you. Thanking you in advance. 🙂

    • Follow our page we will update auto-buy script for Mi 5 , 20000 mAh mi power bank , Redmi note 3 sale on April 06.

      • Please update the extension for 32 GB Dark Grey Version on amazon, it will be available on amazon on 6 april because it is showing in product search page with a message that it will be in stock on 6 april. thank you for your efforts

  99. do you provide codes for open sales as well? in this case remi note 3 on 6th?…first of all will a code be needed? what exactly are open sales? are they as quick as flash sales?

  100. Sir 3GB Ram Handset available only on please update the extension for the same as the extension not supports

  101. Thanks a lot. added 2 mobiles automatically after 5 seconds. yesterday only i find this website. else i would surely booked 32gb on first or second sales..
    superb script…

  102. Added all 3 variants in the cart after 10 seconds when the sale has already began. But there is no 32 GB variant for this sale. Well down you This site is always rockz……….., I already refer this site to many of my friends.

  103. when will be the 32gb varient available as amazon and mi says nothing or i think they are trying to sell 16 gb model first as they are more in stock

  104. Trick to Use BOTH SIMS with SD Card Also in Hybrid 16GB SLOT…!!! trick works……….!!!!!!!
    (1) Place the Nano SIM card correctly. Check which part should be facing up or down.

    (2) Heat up the Nano SIM card’s plastic side for about 30 seconds to one minute with a lighter. Remove the chip out from the nano SIM card using your finger or a sharp tool.

    (3) Trim the Nano SIM chip on both sides.
    (4) Attach Nano SIM Chip onto the MicroSD Card. (Make sure you align the chip to the corner of the MicroSD Card.)
    (5) Insert the MicroSD Nano SIM onto the REDMI NOTE 3’s 16gb SIM card tray.

    (6) Activate the dual SIM and configure with the Dual SIM Manager on your REDMI NOTE 3.
    Andddd That’s it..!!!

  105. hey mate i have been using the extension for quite some time now from last year’s 5000 mah mi power bank sale and rest is history this extention delivers each and every time i used it i got stuff in my cart and needless to say it worked today too kudos to you people we can always rely on you thanks team you are doing flawless

  106. well… thanks a ton for the extension.. i was able to book redmi note 3.. it added all the color variants available and all i had to do was select one of those… great work by FlashSale Tricks.. looking forward to use this again..
    Thanks again..

  107. hi ive a query
    once the sale starts if i simultaneously also click on the buy product…will the script still run or should i just open the page and leave it and it will add automatically?

  108. Cheap service by Amazon, very disappointed.
    Thank you flashsaletricks, using your extension I was able to add note 3 to my cart but couldnt able to checkout within 15 min due to very bad service of Amazon. 0 star for amazon.

  109. i just got the redmi note 3 16 gb varient , thanks for team FLASH SALES TRICKS, it is impossible to get phone without your extention. Thanks again

  110. It was very nice flashsaletricks, It worked hundred percent, without hitch.. The extension added all 3 variants to the cart. But sad to see that no 32 GB model sold, Had to buy the 16GB one. Good work though, keep it up.

  111. So to get more than 10000 as gift card i should buy different amount gift cards ,right?
    And can i buy products which cost more than 10000 by gift cards ? I see rs 10000 is the limit for gift cards ,so will be there a problem later in checkout.

  112. Ooooh.. no… 32 GB variant not available in both mi and amazon… 3rd time I am going to miss the sale…

    Also I heard that LeTv Le 2 (Hexa core & 21 mp camera) is going to release on April 2016. Do u have any news about it..?

    • It is coming to compete with Mi5 , And would be priced around 24-25000…So if you have that much budget , than you can wait. Also it have latest Infrared fingerprint technology to attract you for it. So there you go 🙂

  113. Frndzz…I m Sahil n i have uploaded a video…..Why u should buy 2gb varient…..And how can u move ur app to micro SD card……..because 3gb varient n 2gb varient has almost same benchmark……..and 3gb varient consume lots of charge than 2gb varient…….manufacturer wont able to explain about 2gb varient…..they are fake… dont buy 3gb varient….they have some technical issues and trouble shooting as well……Thnx …..and watch my video….link are flashed below on sharmaji technicals page…..So frnzz watch and enjoy……

  114. Admin thank you again for the script.

    Got my Redmi Note 3 32 GB delivered today,

    It is a beast of a phone and is running so much smoother than my older smartphone.

  115. V 3.0.27 for this time can i get RN3 32GB or not…Since i was trying this extension from past 2 sales…..Please give me some support that this time i can get GOLD RN3 of 32 GB

  116. HiFlashsaletricks, I could not get 32Gb variant in the last 2 sales.

    Will the 32GB/3GB version available on March 23rd Sale in Amazon ?

    4 days back it showed both variants (2GB and 3GB) to register.

    Now, In Amazon it is showing only 2GB/16GB variant to register for 23rd march.

    Please can u confirm whether 32GB/3GB variant will be available on March 23rd or not in Amazon.

    • Yes i agree , it seems currently registration for 32GB closed Or else it may not available on 23 March sale. Need to wait till tomorrow sale for more confirmation.

  117. Will this script directly adds a model we click to buy in Cart??
    I want to buy 32gb model. I had tried 2 sale but both variants went out of stock from just 10 secs.
    Hope this script works well in 23rd march flash sale.
    Anyone know when open sale will happen Redmi Note 3????

  118. got my redmi note 3 delivered today thanks to you guys and especially admin of this page thank u soooo much didnt expect to buy this without u so i think u soo much i will upload pics of phone later today will be happy if other members got this phone too mine was 32gb/3gb

  119. what is the speed of your internet connection you are using

    how much minimum amd maximum seed is required to buy redmi note 3 from amazon

    i want to buy 16000mah powerbank from but in your extension powerbank option is not present i mi what to do
    i appreciate your work because of you only i was aable to buy k4note from 1st sae only
    please answer fast??????????????????????????????????

  120. Thanks a TON for this extension …. though i couldnt buy from as I didnt know tht i have to click on another button manually to buy 32gb version …. But it added 2 versions on amazon and luckily one of them was 32gb version… So I added that and bought it….
    But I wanted to buy it from so that I get Mi Protect along with it …. Did I really miss something…. Does Mi Protect really useful?

    • Hi, Anupam ,
      visit nearest Mi Exclusive Service centre and buy Mi Assist same as Mi protect. for more details plz contact Mi Customer Care

      • Thanks … but Mi Service center is far away from me …. Is “Onsite Secure Extended Warranty for Mobiles” being sold on amazon any good … OR can u suggest any other better service

  121. Hello,
    Congratulations on a successful run for the redmi note 3 sale today, unfortunately i was unaware of this. Could you kindly direct me on how to get the 32gb gold variant?
    I’m using a temporary phone and i really have to get the phone next time.

  122. Dear Admin,
    Do you have idea about 32gb variants in silver color as i am not a fan of gold variant. Btw today i added all the variants in my cart on i needed 32gb(silver). Will it be available in next sale?pls reply..If not then i will nuy the 16gb wala variant on 23rd. Thanks to your extension.

    • according to MI facebook only the gold 32gb version will be released in india,so i don’t think you would see other variants during the flash sale ,they would probably release them in future when the phone ends up in open sale

    • Yes. They will release other Colour variants for 3 GB model on in next sale. Check out their website and you will see that you can register for all the three variants of 32 GB for next sale.

      • 32GB variant will not available on next sale for Redmi Note 3 on, it will have only Silver/Gold/Grey 2GB+16GB.

        • Sugata Roy is trying to say, whenever 32 GB variant sale will happen on MI site. 32 GB variant will have 3 colors available. That is what their site is currently suggesting.

  123. Sir it only added 16 gb instead of Not even manged to get a single 32gb model. Why so ? If the extn can add 16gb then why cant 32gb ?Is it sm technical snag?

  124. flash sale tricks what is the speed of your internet so that every time the 4 variants gets added to your cart ? i need the 3b +32gb it’s very urgent for me !!!

  125. I tried last time and this time also. but it did’nt worked. you guyz are doing awesome work. ur script worked today on in add to cart. but then it didn’t work. after waiting said sold out. I desperately wants gold 32 GB variant. hope I will get it in next sale. I am following all your steps guyz. still don’t know what’s happening? I ordered maggi , canvas spark from ur extensions. I am following you since long time.

  126. i din get d 32gb version piece but all d other were added to cart m very upset coz i was waiting or 32gb and even mi when i reloaded at last time they r showing choose any 1 32gb or 16 gb i choosed it on d extension only but still i din get y it happens only 2me? pls give me gd advice

  127. Flash sale tricks,
    I am thanking you for your extension your extension added only 3 redmi note 3 no 32gb added I wanted 32 gb one but your extension was working to it’s level best for me to buy redmi note 3 32gb it helped me to reach till waitlist but didn’t got the phone
    I am waiting for next sale thnx for it ?

  128. I tried today and got 16gb models added into cart no 32Gb ! . Hope i will get it in Next sale . Anyways thanks for this Awesome Extensions . Please add option to select only 32Gb model on next sale .Thanks in Advance 🙂

  129. Dear Flash Sale Tricks,

    Thanks for the wonderful tricks to buy redmi note 3. you extension added all 4 redmi note 3 in cart and i purchased the gold 32gb redmi note 3. your extension works superb. thank you very much once again

  130. Sir

    Thanks a lot for your work. The add on put only 32 GB gold variant in my cart. That’s what I wanted. On the first sale I missed because i didn’t use any tricks. But this time I used your Add On which is awesome.

    Thank you. It worked like a charm.
    I just love it. Thankssssssssssss

  131. please update the script for the next sale om 23rd. Is it possible for us to choose the variant we desire? i wanted 32gb one.
    what about the gray color variant of 32gb model? is it only available in gold?

  132. i want to buy redmi note 3 from bcz amazon don’t able to shipped in my location. plz do something . (step -2 is not working )

  133. Hi Flashsaletricks, I noted that it takes time to add all 16GB variants and come until 32GB. By the time it adds the first 3, 32GB gets over as Amazon changes the order. It would be great if code changes can be made to add particular variants. Would love to help you regarding that 🙂

  134. hi admin i just want to know something. i installed extensions on my office pc and my boss laptop on 8th march both variants were added to his account but he purchased 16gb and this time also it worked on his laptop but didn’t worked on my pc so i had to buy from his account and whenever i tried to click on join wait list script got stopped. please check for future purposes.

  135. The script actually works. Successfully added 3 phones to the cart but all 16gb. Guess they have limited stock of the 32gb.

    So the script works. Kudos to the team for that. Will try my luck next week. But disappointed with MI and Amazon for such a bad marketing strategy.

  136. Missed second time …. For me only 16 gb added in both and… Since i opted for 32 gb variant, i didn’t check it out…

  137. Looks like I am one of the very few lucky buyers who were able to purchase 32GB gold variant with the flash sale autobuy script. Thanks a ton buddy, missed the sale last time but today you have made it possible. Thanks again!
    Best Regards

    • Bro, I too bought 32 gb gold with min protect on MI india site. Definitely 1st step worked, not sure about second page.. And I was also quick enough to buy mobile with MI protect 😛

  138. Hi,

    It couldnt add 32GB varient but only 16GB varients to my cart. And that too when there was button available on scree”Add to cart” which i could have done myself also.
    Second thing can i know who developed this extension? I noticed some problem with this.
    In the starting it showed an error page.; which went away after refreshing it 3 times.then i noticed that it keeps looping from 1st product. So this time amazon kept white varient first and gold(32gb) varient at last. So it kept trying to add first varient in cart. It didnt reach till last 32gb gold varient. Pls check and fix this.
    It should try which one is available. But it tries to add first item first and then second and so on ; which is not correct.
    Pls fix

    • thanks for analyzing this anurag.. the way we coded it is like it will add all available variants.. it won’t understand which is first and which is last.. but per your comments, we will take a look.. we also request you to give us a suggestion on the code if possible.. send it to our mail. 🙂
      fst admin

  139. Actually the script was awesome fast,it added the mobile in but not able to go through the 2nd step….hoping to succeed in next sale.

  140. Hi Flash Sale Tricks,

    This script worked like a charm. Now I can gift the Xiomi Redmi Note 3 32GB Gold to my Dad. Requesting you to kindly update the script for MI5 in future. I am waiting for that mobile.

    Thanks a lot


  141. oh bad luck this time… I wanna buy 32gb version. Please tell me when it will available next time (32gb) ?? Please plz plzzz….

    • redmi note 3 next sale is on 23rd march.. as per the minimal info the we received, they have only less number of 32gb variants.. and not sure when they will introduce 32gb dark grey redmi note 3

  142. Thank You SO much ….. Your script is awesome …. Its because of flashsaletricks that i have become a proud owner of redmi note 3 16gb … thanks again 🙂

  143. well guys …nothing went good with your redmi note 3 tricks …it really didn’t worked neither earlier nor today…you surely made everyone fool out of you publicity

  144. Guys the script worked but was able to add only the 16gb versions .. I don’t why the 32 gb variant was not added 🙁 I did not buy one this sale as I want the 32 gb version alone . anything I could have missed here ??

  145. hi….your app help me to add 16 gb version however i wanted to buy 32 gb which was not added to cart…Can you suggest way to opt for 32 gb in next flash sale…personally very happy for all your help…thanks a lot…

  146. doesn’t work for me. Again failed to purchased it. Don’t know what goes wrong? Still have a hope on flashsaletricks

    • pls read the post carefully sarathy.. there are many factors which might be a reason why you couldn’t buy. we will update the post again by evening.. pls try on next sale.. good luck

  147. Dear Admin,
    I have purchased my Redmi Note 3 32Gb today. Thank you so much for your great work. I need to share my flash sale purchase experience with your Powerful Plugin. As you mentioned we have to refresh the timer page every 5 minutes in order to sync with the counter. I did everything as per your instructions. But Happiness is Only 32Gb gold variant automatically added to my cart. Nice work admin. Keep it up. Take Care.

    Best Regards
    Aarif Mohammed.

  148. I have been trying through your app to get 32 gb variant From last 2, times but fails today too. Nd it makes me furious today. Will it be helpful or not. Neither of the variant added automatically. When i clicked on add in card its start checking status. Wtf

    • our extension and app works 100% dude.. you should check internet connection as well.. pls try next time.. better luck next time.. i will update the post clearly one more time by evening..

      • I am on 4g connection admin. So plz don’t doubt on my connection. Bcoz i knw my internet connection is lightening fast. And there are many others who are also commenting that they also was not able to purchase phone. I followed every single step you mentioned. Every single step. Thats why i am furious. In first sale i tried to consolidate myself tht i would have done something wrong. But this time i am dead sure bcoz every single day i practiced for it. So plz admin give me some real excuses. And i want 32gb variant in next sale for sure. Plz make it happen in next sale for me. Plz

        • yash.. we understand your frustration but you have to understand that there are a lot of ppl who bought redmi note 3 successfully using our extension. that means there must be something wrong with your end right? even i have 4g connection but it only added 16gb variant in one account.. my sis used 4g connection too but she was able to buy the 32gb gold variant! now, i am the guy who created this script and couldn’t buy!! funny? there are lot other factors too.. pls try on next sale.

    • And will you please tell me that for next sale do i need to update the app of urs. I want this 32gb variant badly. And i wanna be sure tht it would work for me in next sale

      • no need to update at the moment.. we will clearly make a post about exactly what ppl should do to buy redmi note 3 successfully

  149. Yayy! Successfully ordered Redmi Note 3 Gold – 32GB with MI protect in today’s flash sale!

    It worked on 🙂 Thanks buddy 🙂

    • Bro, I too bought 32 gb gold with min protect on MI india site. Definitely 1st step worked, not sure about second page.. And I was also quick enough to buy mobile with MI protect 😛 😀

      Definitely step q worked, not sure about step 2 on MI india site,and I was fast enough to buy both, Mobile and MI protect 🙂

    • vivek chaudhary you fool. you must try to behave yourself in a public forum.. just coz you did something wrong doesn’t mean its not working.. you should look at other ppl who bought redmi note 3 successfully using our extension

  150. GOT IT!!!! Works best for amazon. Kudos to team, awesome work!!! Just tell me where to post reviews and I will do it, no questions asked!!

  151. Worked great man!!

    it added 3 variants. 2 16gbs and 1 32gb. i chose 32gb.

    bought successfully. getting delivered tomorrow!

    thanks a ton guys.

    • really sad.. pls try next time.
      everything is working.. may be you should try with desktop next time.. coz internet in app is a bit slow. also, there has been an extremely huge demand. both our site and even amazon site is down..!
      we will update with further details later in our post.

  152. thanks buddy.
    ur script is lightning fast. black is my only favourite so i booked black grey 16gb . coz no 32gb in black in stock.
    thanks. keep it up with ur work.

    • vivek you fool. try to behave in a public forum. just becoz u did something wrong doesn’t mean its not working


      the extension is legit,you should appreciate the flashsaleteam work ,i got the 32gb gold one ,let make you clear this extenstion is much more accurate and faster than a finger

      100% Claimed
      Ends in 37:43
      Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Gold, 32GB)
      Sold by Cloudtail and Fulfilled by Amazon.
      Avg. Customer Review 28
      You have claimed this deal

  153. Just like what thought, mobile phone was not available on Mobile app, and I failed to book directly.
    Hmm, well. If anybody successfully added the phone to the cart, ping me at 8493019798 (WhatsApp ) . You know just donation however no one wants to give this phone.

  154. Thanks Buddy,,,,,

    It worked for me in 2nd sale on Amazon.
    I bought Redmi Note 3 GB/32GB. The second buy after K4 Note.

    Many Thanks…Love You Man !

    It awesome….

  155. Worked successfully just now for RN3 gold 32gb.
    However, did not work for Mi 16000 mah power bank. Will try next time.
    Still, thanks.

      • Oh is it… Probably some issue with my chrome.. but it clicked on buy now.. but didn’t add anything into the cart.. i had to manually click on 3GB/32GB version… which was then obviously sold out..

        Nonethless, thanks for your work.

        • Hi Jatin, there are many factors which might be a reason why you couldn’t buy redmi note 3. we will update the post again by evening.. pls try on next sale.. good luck

  156. So we just need to open from extension and refresh the time .. It will automatically add to cart in both sites when sale starts right.. ??

  157. where did i have to paste the script and how many UNITS are going to sell today
    and what about script did it work for both pages,,,?

  158. Please tell whether you will update the extension once again before the sale starts and pls confirm me this thing also are you confirm that this trick will work as there are a lot of people dependend on this and pls tell me if i open this trick on amazon and and also open on my phone on your app does it still add it on phone and laptop.pls rpl to all of these

    • It is not sure, currently we have updated extension based on variants available on last week sale. It will add automaticaly to ur cart.Follow our page for more updates if any changes in extesnion.

        • yes mostly it will.. for redmi note 3 on site, our extension will click the first page.. you may have to click the second page

      • Hi flashsaletricks ,
        This worked for the second flash sale like a charm. I followed the exact instructions provided and it was added to the cart automatically. Cleared the browser cache as well and kept refreshing the page till about 30 seconds remaining in the timer. As soon as the timer hit 0, the button got clicked automatically and the item was moved to the cart. Awesome work. Thanks a lot as I promised to gift someone this mobile and was able to keep it because of this app.

  159. Code for all Redmi note 3 16GB,32Gb and mi power bank is same and runs in background. How do you explain this ?
    You have provided options but still same code ? doesn’t make sense at all.
    if code is same why provided options ?

    • It is more than enough internet speed for flash sale, Only thing u do need to follow the steps accordingly for 100% success.

  160. Dear team,

    Missed in first sale… Will this work this time.. ? .. Also will this add MI protect along with mobile in