Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier Pro with OLED Display, Mi PM2.5 Detector Launched

Xiaomi MiJia Air Purifier Pro
Xiaomi MiJia Air Purifier Pro

Nowadays Xiaomi is in product launch spree. We have seen Xiaomi Mi Box, Mi Power Strip  recently and we are witnessing number of other new products recently. And now its launched air purifier lineup with an all new Mi Air Purifier Pro as well as a portable air quality monitor called the Mi PM2.5 Detector. This is the one of new product in the series.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

MiJia Air Purifier Pro has been given a huge boost in the coverage area. It cleans the air in a room up to 60 m2 and filters around 500 m3 of air in an hour, expelling fresh air more thoroughly around the place.

 A mounted in OLED-display shows air purification level in three colors: red (critical pollution), orange (permissible pollution) and green (clear air). Light sensor sitting next to the display highlights information, regulating intensiveness of illumination depending on the time of the day.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro India
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

Sharp and high-quality sensor detects particles sized 0.3 µm. MiJia Air Purifier removes any harmful substances including dust, hair and animal fur, paper and wood particles, plant fibers and other. MiJia app allows to control purifier remotely and set startup and shutdown time.
The display also has an LED ring around it, which changes from color from green to red with the change in air quality around it. Previously, users were required to get all these information through a smartphone app.

The Mi Air Purifier Pro offers air cleaning at an air delivery rate (CADR) value of 500 cubic meters an hour. (In comparison, the Mi Air Purifier 2 offers cleaning at 310 cubic meters an hour). It is also Wi-Fi enabled and the device can be paired with the Mi Home app on iOS and Android. It has an EPA filter, pre-filter along with an activate carbon filter.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro price
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

The Mi Air Purifier Pro costs CNY 1,499 in China ,which roughly translates to Rs 14,800, comes with an OLED display which shows PM 2.5 levels real time and changes colour from red to green based on the PM 2.5 levels.
Xiaomi had recently launched its Mi Air Purifier in India at a price of Rs 9,999. The Pro version is bigger in size and can cater to room sizes of up to 60 square metres. Xiaomi has not revealed any details on the possible launch of the Pro variant in India.

Mi PM 2.5 Detector – Light Weight and Compact, OLED Display, Laser Sensor!!

Xiaomi Air Quality Detector
Xiaomi Air Quality Detector

Mi PM 2.5 Detector is a good partner for Mi Air Purifier, you can possible to connect only Mi Air Purifier, 2 and Pro. Its comes along in compact size with black OLED screen, and high-precision laser sensor can keep abreast of PM 2.5 values in your environment.

Xiaomi Air Quality Detector India
Xiaomi Air Quality Detector

No matter where you go can carry Mi PM 2.5 Detector. Minimalist design, 62 X 62 X 37 (mm) in size and weighs only 100g, with battery life 2 to 3 hours, allowing you to work both in outdoor or indoor.

Xiaomi Air Quality Detector app
Xiaomi Air Quality Detector App

Self-emitting materials, higher resolution, faster response time, plus a color change indicator prompts let you intuitively feel the air quality changes. One touch to operate all operation.You can connect with Mi Home app, history monitoring, remote monitoring, night mode and more. Its priced 399 yuan roughly 3900 rupees in India.



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