How to Install Xiaomi Mi PC Suite – (PC + Mac + Linux)


Hello guys.. Glad to keep you updated about another post on the MI Tips and Tricks series – How to install and use MI PC suite. Xiaomi recently released pc suite to support global users through English version. Earlier MI PC suite supported in Chinese language only. So no wait, here you can see steps how to use pc suite.

MI PC Suite_Install_Chinese
Mi PC Suite Install

Step 1: Download PC suite using the link

How to Install MI PC Suite
How to Install MI PC Suite

Step 2: Click Install after its downloaded if you using Chinese version earlier never mind it would automatically updated to English version

How to Install MI PC Suite
How to Install MI PC Suite

Step 3: In main page, you can see manage files, apps, photos, videos, notes, music, messages, contacts and most importantly phone backups, restore, system upgrade and ROM flashing.

mi explorer
How to use MI PC Suite

Step 4: In the Backup interface, you can backup your phone’s data and manage all previous backups.

mi pc suite backup
How to Use MI PC Suite
mi pc suite backup
How to Use MI PC Suite

Step 5: In the Update interface, you can find any latest updates for your phone and install or update new updates via PC

mi pc suite_ update
How to use MI PC Suite

Step 6: just by using the Apps tab , check, uninstall, restrict network access and install new applications on your phone using PC.

mi explorer_Apps tab

Step 7: Access the Gallery tab to import or export and check photos on your phone.

mi pc suite explorer_Phone tab
How to use MI PC Suite

Step 8: Videos tab allows to manage video files through your PC.

mi explorer_Video tab

Step 9: The Music manager allows mass managing of music files as well as playing the files through your PC.

mi explorer_music tab

Step 10: The Contacts tab allows you to organize your contacts like add or import contacts via PC.

mi pc suite explorer_contacts tab
How to use MI PC Suite

Step 11: The Notes section displays quick notes, reminders  to prompt you to-do lists periodically. You can create via PC.

mi explorer_notes tab

Step 12:  Finally, File Explorer displays entire contents available in phone storage and allows you to view or change if  you like to do so via PC.

mi explorer_explorer tab

Here it is the full and complete guide to all functions on the Mi PC Suite!!! Hope you guys can get clear heads up now. Thanks for reading!.



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