Xiaomi Small Square Camera Review

xiaomi small square camera review

A small white cube with a light weight body, approximately 100g, with an attractive design surfaced around the interet a few months back. Many did not know the what big things can be achieved by this small cube. Behold, a magical design and product, Xiaomi Small Square Camera – a Wireless Indoor Security Camera.

This special product review will feature the design, specifications, special features, detailed configuration steps and the link to buy the Small Square Camera.

xiaomi small square camera review


The product is very handy. It easily fits in your palms. Extremely light weight, whichs is only 100g approx. Easily fits in all the places and it is easily portable because of its light weight design.

xiaomi small square camera

On the front side of Xiaomi Small Square Camera is an led flash at the top, infra red sensors to capture the moments and the special night vision at front. On the back side of the product is a usb port for storing all of your 1080p photos and videos, a power led indicator which tells you if its connected.

xiaomi small square camera review

The base is retractable and you can pull it like a stand and place it anywhere. You can turn the retractable base upto 180 deg and can do a perfect manoeuvre with the camera. There is also a pin hole at the bottom of the camera for set up. And there is a micro sd slot at the bottom for memory card.

xiaomi small square camera

It automatically detects the light settings and turns to ir vision night sensors. It also has a built in smoke and carbon monoxide sensors to alert your family


The picture quality did not fall short in any way. It is as expected out of a 1080p product. The video refresh rate is good and the quality of pictures are also good enough. Zooming in on pictures surely reveal more details than it would on a 720p product. When it comes to audio, the mic’s audio quality is good and crystal clear. Even Though the output from speaker is a is good, it’s a bit low.

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Special Features

Apart from the motion detection mode, 8x digital zoom feature, uploading your pictures and videos to the cloud, Xiaomi Small Square camera certainly holds few other special features to impress you as well.

The Xiaomi Small Square Camera features a 1/2.7″ CMOS sensor which can record your videos or pics in Full HD (1080p).

Night Vision
It has a large aperture (f/2.0) with a special IR-cut auto dual filter with a maximum viewable distance of upto 9m which makes the viewing easy at night with its night vision.

Magnetic Mount
It has a special magnetic mount design as its base is easily adsorable by any metal surface. And with its light weight easy-go design, you can mount it easily on any ceiling with adhesive tapes.

xiaomi small square camera wall mount

Two-Way Audio
The small square camera from xiaomi has a two way build-in audio with a mic and a speaker which allows you to hear everything clearly and talk with your loved ones as well.

Time-lapse Photography
Another special feature of the xiaomi small square camera is the time lapse photography which will make your world loveable.

You can combine the power of the small square camera by using more than one at a time. You can cover 360′ easily by having 2 small square cameras. Just stacke one above the other.

xiaomi small square camera multi stack

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How to Configure

Here’s the detailed step by step approach on how to configure your Xiaomi’s maigcal small square smart camera with your smartphone.  First, you need to connect Xiaomi Small Square Smart WiFi camera via USB cable to power source.

1. Download the app from either Mi store or Android store, Mi Home app | Android App

2. Install on your smartphone and Open the App.

3. Agree the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and Select the locale (Choose ‘Mainland China’)

4. Click on Profile and Login / Sign-up into Mi Account.

5. Goto Home screen and Click on ‘+’ in top right corner.

6. Click on ‘Add device’ , Now click on ‘Add camera products’.

7. Now select the camera (3rd device – Xiaomi Small Square Smart WiFi camera)

8. Use the metal clip to press SETUP button at the bottom of IP camera. (You will hear the Chinese words, and device will appear on smartphone screen)

9. Connect to your Wi-Fi network and Click Next.
10 You will see QR code. Move the camera at a distance of 10 cm from the code and wait about 10 seconds. The camera speaks on Chinese language. On the rear panel LED blinks two colors.

11. Click on “Heard voice prompt”, wait until Xiaomi Small Square Smart WiFi camera will be automatically configured.
12. After camera will be configured, “Connection successfully” appears on your smartphone screen.

13. On the home screen of Mi Home app you see ‘Xiaomi Small Square Smart WiFi camera’ listed under “My devices”.

Mi Home application has 4 buttons:

  • The first one is a microphone that allows you to talk to people via the built-in speaker.
  • The second icon is to take a screenshot.
  • The third icon is to turn on the microphone to listen to what people say next to the camera.
  • The last fourth icon lets you go to the folder where all screenshots are stored.

Click on the icon in the top right corner to enlarge the image on the screen of your smartphone. All icons are moved to the right side.

In the top left , you can select the image quality (low/high/super). This is very useful feature if you’re using application through 3G mobile internet.

How to buy

The best site to buy Original Xiaomi Small Square Camera is Banggood.com. You can view the product using the below link and buy it

Buy Xiaomi Small Square Camera from banggood.com


Xiaomi Small Square Camera has an excellent Full HD video quality, can be powered by using a USB cable. The magnetic stand is a plus! When coupled with other home automation products from Xiaomi, this is an excellent take. The size, weight and stylish design makes it a perfect choice for home security. You can even use this to communicate with your family while you are at work

The folks at Banggood.com are generous enough to offer a review copy of Xiaom small Square Camera.


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